As the business climate has fluctuated up and down over the years, we have seen that the enterprise resource management market, with its core ERP software solution, remains highly innovative. The huge learning curve of the industry caused by unexpected economic changes has shown that only companies, which provide businesses with high flexibility and a consistent level of service over the years can strengthen their position in the market.

The IFS is a prime example of an ERP software provider that can take responsibility for the successful journey of companies operating in different industries. IFS has introduced its services with its partners in variable integration models that provide mutual benefits to all companies.

IFS holds different events annually that allow its customers to meet and share experiences from their business environment. Every two years, customers and partners can participate in IFS Unleashed. In 2023, IFS organized a series of IFS Connect events worldwide, from Europe to the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with the ERP service provider in local regions.

The IFS Connect Benelux 2023 was organized in Green Village in Nieuwegein, Utrecht province, the Netherlands.

IFS Connect Benelux with Novacura

On June 1, 2023, Novacura participated in the IFS Connect Benelux 2023. This was the second event organized after the edition of IFS Connect Nordics, which we also had the pleasure to experience (find more here), where we were again a sponsor.

Frank Beerlage, Managing Director for the DACH and Benelux regions on the stage during the IFS Connect Benelux 2023.

IFS Connect Benelux was organized at the Green Village in Nieuwegein, Utrecht province, the Netherlands. The event was visited by nearly 200 experts from various industries involved in the IFS environment. During the event, we had the opportunity to listen to a significant number of IFS customers presented their way of working together with IFS as well as heard interesting thoughts about developments in the industry from various IFS representatives. The Novacura team was represented by Ergino Kastrati and Roel Venneman, two experts who are very familiar with Novacura’s IFS services. With years of experience, they could answer complex questions related to integrating the Novacura Flow platform (Novacura’s software solution) and IFS’ ERP system along with IFS Cloud.

Cloud migration with IFS and Novacura

During the event, we had the opportunity to hear from several speakers. At the beginning of the event, we attended a short interview with Darren Roos, IFS CEO, in conversation with Frank Beerlage, Managing Director for the DACH and Benelux regions. In the opening interview, we were able to understand IFS’ main message, in which Darren Roos explained how important it is for today’s companies to move their business environment to the cloud. Other speakers included Cathie Hall, Senior VP of Experience, and Bas de Vos, VP of IFS Labs were also aligned in sharing thoughts on future developments of IFS.

Darren Roos (IFS CEO) with Frank Beerlage (Managing Director for the DACH and Benelux regions)  on the stage during  The IFS Connect Benelux 2023.

Referring to the words of the IFS CEO, after moving to the cloud, many companies will be able to save time and money due to lower maintenance costs. More benefits of moving to the cloud technology also come from other aspects, such as those pointed out below:

  • Greater flexibility – cloud users can work from any location that is not restricted by Internet access. This means that the cloud is also dedicated to users of mobile devices. Flexibility in the context of the cloud should be understood as a technology that makes it easier to share and store data in a more efficient way and increases overall productivity.
  • Better collaboration – this advantage again reveals some aspects of flexibility. However, in the cloud, business users improve their operations across organizations in different locations, providing them with a better level of collaboration, accelerating projects, and ultimately improving customer service.
  • Total mobility – cloud users can gain instant access via mobile devices supported by customized mobile applications. This is a solution that enables very specific business operations to be covered, even when more complex processes are involved.

Ergino Kastrati and Roel Venneman (Sales Managers at Novacura), standing nearby the Novacura booth.

Novacura is a long-standing IFS partner, helping customers in the IFS environment move their business operations to IFS Cloud. We already have a proven track record of implementing IFS Cloud solutions. Novacura also provides mobile applications for IFS, enhancing operations in the IFS Cloud environment (find out more about  Novacura’s IFS services).

Roel Venneman (Novacura Sales Manager, white shirt), talking to the Novacura booth visitors.


IFS is important in changing the business environment and enhancing companies’ capabilities worldwide. Thanks to years of IFS experience, its customers can select best practices, whether implementing IFS ERP or migrating to IFS Cloud.

 Roel Venneman and Ergino Kastrati (Sales Managers at Novacura, from the left) and Johan Ulijn  (Novacura representative).

Novacura is a three-time winner of the IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017, 2019, and 2022 and has delivered the highest level of service to IFS customers over the years. By providing IFS customers access to Novacura Flow’s software platform that allows for building highly customizable apps, users can easily enhance the capabilities of their ERP systems with mobile and desktop applications. We have a proven track record of implementing IFS ERP with Novacura Flow platform, helping customers worldwide for nearly 20 years. Contact us today to learn how we can support your business with IFS services and enhance your operational capabilities with the Novacura Flow platform.

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