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Utilize the power in your existing business systems by creating new business apps with great user experience. In just hours.


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What is Novacura Flow?

Flow is your tool to innovate, transform and improve your core business processes. It helps you drive digital transformation and it will make your workforce truly mobile. Utilize the power in your existing business systems by creating new business apps with great user experience. In just hours. Business Process Management at your fingertips.

Novacura Flow is where you connect your people to your business systems. It is an innovative platform that acts as a layer on top of your existing business systems or as a tool where you create your own applications. With Novacura Flow you get one platform for all your business apps. Apps that are perfectly aligned with your business processes.

With Novacura Flow you have a common language between business and IT, between processes and ERP. And you get a platform that allows you to easily design and create your own business applications without adjusting the underlying business systems. You can run the same user-friendly, work-based application in different user interfaces such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and handheld terminals. We give you the freedom to work the way you want, and where you want and to be as great as you want. No software should prevent you from performing better.

Novacura Flow adds processes and connects users to existing business systems.

Novacura Flow for Business Process Management

Create your own

Build powerful applications

With the Flow Studio, you will have the best possible tool for creating efficient, user-friendly and integrated apps. Everything is based on step-by-step workflows. You can create multi-user applications, run tasks in parallel, use sub-workflows, send push notifications, create components that can be reused and much more. And you can test-run your apps directly inside the Flow Studio, something that will radically shorten the time from idea to implementation.

With the simplicity of Flow Studio, you can go from zero to app in just minutes, as long as you know what you want to achieve – or discover potential achievements you weren’t even aware of!

Using Flow for BPM

Information freedom

Connect to anything

An important part of Novacura Flow platform is the Connectors. With them you can connect to advanced business systems without any coding. Or you can work with databases, web services, files and much more. There are already now some 30 ready-to-use connectors and the number of connectors are constantly growing. And with our really smart integration framework we can easily build connectors to anything that plays a part in your processes.

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The Concept

Using Novacura Flow for Business Process Management

The Novacura Flow concept is very simple and gives you an instant return on your investment. You can run your application on any smartphone, tablet, PC or handheld computer. And you can run it online or offline, depending on your needs. In four steps you create a business process application that suits your business perfectly.

Draw processes

Draw your preferred business processes in a visual editor. You have now defined your optimal workflow.

Connect processes

Connect your workflow to your ERP or business system. You now have an executable application.

Run business processes

Run your application on the device you prefer. No matter where your users are or what they do.

Iterate business processes


Measure your business performance between check points that you define in your workflows. See what needs improvement, change the previously drawn workflow and run an updated version of your application. You have now created instant improvement of your business.

Empower and inspire

People in focus

We put a lot of effort into making the best possible working environment for all of the Flow users. Regardless of who you are, what you do or where you do it, you should have a tool that is really easy to use and helps you to perform your tasks as efficiently as possible.

Five different clients are included in Novacura Flow:

  • Android and iOS – user friendly, native clients that supports both phones and tablets, getting the most out of the mobile functionality and the different screen sizes. Run your applications online or offline.
  • Mobile Web – a responsive web client built for task execution. Comparable to the Android and iOS clients, with the difference that the web client only work online.
  • Portal Client – a complete framework for building information-rich, advanced portals or process applications. Create whatever portal you need, with simple configuration.
  • Windows CE/Embedded – in a world where scanning barcodes is in focus, handheld computers powered by Windows Embedded is still commonality. And as we support logistic processes, we of course support Windows Embedded!

On top of these clients there is also a built-in workflow web service, making it possible to publish a workflow application as a REST or SOAP web service.

Mobile business process management

Save time

Extend with ready-to-run workflows

Make it even easier – pick and run

We have an extensive library of existing workflows that is ready to use. Just pick the workflow you need, modify it if you like and run it instantly on the device you prefer. We have ready-to-run workflows for all of our business environments

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