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ERP Application development:

simple & fast!


Thanks to our low-code engine, you can easily expand your ERP with ERP applications. The development process is easy and takes hours or days, rather than months!  

Create your ERP App in 4 steps:

Step 1:

Draw your process together with your business people

In Novacura Flow, you create your ERP applications by drawing them in a specific module for designers – called Novacura Flow Studio. The application “algorithm” is presented in a clear way, very similar to popular business process notations.

It is easy, and people from the business departments can draw their processes directly in Novacura Flow. You can treat it as an application sketch that you will fill in with details later.

Step 2:

Define user forms

One of the most important aspects of ERP applications is the interaction with users. In Novacura Flow, you define these interactions as any other process steps. We call it “User Steps”.

Like for the entire application, you create user steps by drawing forms. Simply add titles, sections, editable fields, a drop-down list, or even signature input and GPS locator, to create your interactive form. And it will work equally well on smartphones as on desktops.

IFS Cloud OData API example, image by Novacura

Step 3:

Add technical steps

For more complicated tasks (counting, sorting, etc.) you can add technical steps and use "Flow Script” to define more complicated processing.

Thanks to 50+ connectors to various systems, you can interact with external systems and data sources. You can easily: read/write data from databases, call cloud services, and access other systems' APIs.

You do it in exactly the same way as with user steps – all external system interactions are presented as process steps.

Novacura Flow offers endless flexibility in customization, photo by Novacura

Step 4:

Publish your ERP application to users

When your application is ready, you can publish it with just one click.

It will immediately be available for all devices: from barcode scanners, via smartphones to heavy desktops.

You can precisely control user privileges and decide, which app will be visible for specific job positions and roles.

Don’t worry, if you find any problem with your app, you can easily withdraw it – all versions of your app are stored in Novacura Flow.

Watch Novacura Flow in action!


Watch this short video to better understand how the application creation process works in Novacura Flow Studio.





Citizen Development is now a low-hanging fruit!

With Novacura Flow, you can implement “Citizen Development” philosophy. The App development process is very easy, so everyone can participate in it.

Reduce the queue of ERP modifications waiting for implementation

In many companies, we constantly observe a massive queue of ERP modifications waiting for development. This exists because IT resources are always too small to meet business expectations.
With ERP low-code, you can do it much faster and involve more people. You can finally reduce this queue to “0”!


Popular ERP systems have one common problem: they try to be equally good for all companies.

We know, that every company is unique and needs specific solutions.

With Novacura Flow, you can create specific ERP applications that will expand the standard capabilities of your ERP system.

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