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About Novacura

A great company consists of great people, customers, processes, finance, technology, and experience*.

We believe we have all of these ingredients.

*) … and a bit of Marketing to talk about it all …

Key numbers:

Our Mission:


Our Offer:



We address our offer to large and mid-size companies. We’ve divided our offer into 3 pillars, aimed at different types of customers and different needs. All these elements share a common goal: to optimize business processes with smart software technology.


Our own software product:

We are very proud of our software product – Novacura Flow.  It is probably the most advanced low-code platform for ERP systems in the world.

This fully-adaptable platform stays behind all our industry solutions. It also supports ERP implementations that we deliver.

Our journey with Novacura Flow started ~15 years ago, so our product is now mature and full of capabilities.

We are authors of all elements of the software platform, which gives us full control over the development and maintenance of the product. 

Our Industry focus:

We believe, that only a combination of technical skills and specialized industry knowledge brings real value to our customers.

We have carefully selected industries in which we specialize. We are constantly developing our skills there.

Thanks to hundreds of delivered projects, our consultants can now advise our customers in these industries.


Our Global Presence:

Our team:

Experienced consultants

Our consultants have a huge experience – in several industries and ERP technologies. The example chart shows average professional experience in particular roles (in years). 

Global support

We are located around the world so that we can support customers from all countries.

Our Customers:

220+ Customers - all continents, big companies, and various industries.

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Aksel Jarlbäck

Solution Expert

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