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How can IFS Supply Chain Management help you manage your product flows from order to delivery? 

IFS Cloud Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive solution that covers the entire order-to-delivery process. It enables businesses to forecast demand, plan supply, manage warehouses, replenish inventory, process sales orders, manage shipments, and handle rentals. It also offers simplicity, flexibility, adaptability, and openness as its core features. With ERP Supply Chain software (SCM), businesses can visualize product flows, easily use and configure the system, scale and change as needed, and communicate effectively with other parties and systems in the supply chain.


Demand forecasting, image by Novacura

Demand forecasting

Plan supply and demand using graphical and interactive tools. Use a highly graphical and intuitive interface, where users can choose from a comprehensive set of forecasting models, measure forecast errors, and adjust forecasts based on seasonal profiles, campaign, events, and periodic profiles.


This SCM module in ERP also supports built-in forecast collaboration, where users can share and comment on forecasts with other stakeholders. It also offers short-term forecasting that factors in predicted weather, which can help businesses to anticipate and respond to changes in demand. IFS Cloud demand forecasting is one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forecasting tools on the market today. 

Sales and operations planning with IFS SCM module, image by Novacura

Supply chain planning

IFS Cloud Supply Chain Management helps businesses to plan and coordinate their supply network across multiple sites and legal entities. The module supports supply chain analysis and availability, where users can capture and analyze forecasts and actual demands at the endpoint of the supply chain, and generate time-phased supply plans that meet the customer needs.


Transfer the supply plans to external suppliers or internal manufacturing sites, and synchronizes the changes in the network. Improve the integration and collaboration between sites, and reduces inventories and costs. The SCM module also provides traceability and control over the supply chain, and enables centralized returns management. 

Warehouse management, image by Novacura

Warehouse management

With IFS Cloud Supply Chain Management you can manage and optimize warehousing operations from goods receipt to point of issue. Support both basic and advanced warehouse management operations, such as put-away, wave picking, multi-level handling units, batch- and serial tracking, and warehouse optimization. Enable data capture via barcodes and mobile devices, which ensures real-time visibility and accuracy.


It supports traceability, shelf life management, consignment stocks, handling units, and a range of reservation options. IFS warehouse management system would help streamline inventory tracking and optimize logistics operations. Manage internal issues of material in stock using Material Requisitions, standardize GS1 integration with trading partners, and provide capabilities for reorder-based planning, automated order proposals, and management for remote location inventories. Use interactive displays, which visually guide and present information for warehouse workers using e-label display technology.

Mobile Warehouse Management Module for customers, image by Novacura

Mobile Warehouse Management extension

Customers can use an additional mobile Warehouse Management Module (WMS), provided by Novacura as an extension for IFS ERP. This extension offers a fully mobile user interface - all warehouse operators can perform their operations on mobile devices (barcode scanners, smartphones, tablets). 


The module supports popular labeling standards (Nicelabel, Bartender), RFID, mobile printing and more. The Module can cooperate with other parts of the system – it can be integrated with shop floor applications, delivery management, shipment management, or quality control. The module is prepared as a low-code solution Novacura Flow - thanks to that, all processes, integrations, and user interface can be fully modified or extended, and adjusted to specific needs. Therefore – you can almost completely eliminate paper from your core warehouse operations

Warehouse Navigator for inventory replenishment, image by Novacura

Inventory replenishment

Inventory replenishment is a key component of supply chain management in IFS Cloud that empowers businesses to operate efficiently with complete visibility across the entire supply chain. It allows businesses to automate and quickly respond to changes in demand through inventory planning and replenishment capabilities that are seamlessly connected with demand planning.


Support differentiated inventory planning based on frequency, ABC class, location and lifecycle stage, as well as parameters set on groups instead of individual parts. Optimize inventory levels and reduce costs, while offering flexible planning strategies such as economic order quantity, service level-driven safety stocks and special models to handle slow-moving parts.

IFS Cloud sales order in SCM module, image by Novacura

Sales order

Cover the entire process from quotation to invoice and returns. Provide accurate delivery dates and pricing options. Integrate with accounts receivable and customer order intake The solution supports various sourcing options such as inventory, external supplier or manufacturing, and offers configure to order (CTO) capabilities. It also handles return material authorization (RMA) and customer schedules.


IFS Cloud sales order leverages the demand forecasting and supply chain planning capabilities to provide reliable customer delivery dates, based on customer routes and the supply chain matrix for lead times. It also supports a multitude of pricing options, such as discounts, surcharges, taxes and currencies. Additionally, it enables fast and accurate invoice handling, including several invoice types, credit control and automated guided customer order intake. 

Creating transport documentation with Supply Chain Management module, image by Novacura

Shipment management

Manage the entire process of receiving and delivering goods from and to different locations. Register inbound shipments that can be via a dispatch advice received from a supplier or an internal site or registered manually. Users can also inspect, return, or scrap the received goods according to their quality and condition. For outbound shipments, IFS Cloud enables users to reserve, pick, and deliver the goods that are requested by customers or internal sites.


Generate transport documentation, such as packing lists, labels, and invoices, for the delivered goods. Communicate and integrate with suppliers, customers, and transport providers through electronic dispatch advice and common user interface to track the status of the shipments in real time. 

Rental processes management with IFS SCM, image by Novacura

Rental management

IFS Cloud Supply Chain Management module helps to manage the rental processes of goods and equipment. Rent in or rent out items from internal or external sources, depending on the availability and demand. Connect the rental demands to projects and work orders, and track the progress and status of the rental items. The solution also offers common processes for handling the rental and non-rental activities, such as deliveries, receipts, inventory management, and invoicing.


Generate and send invoices for the rented items, as well as receive and pay invoices for the items rented in. Gather all data in a central component and supports various rental scenarios and requirements. Optimize the utilization and profitability of their rental inventory and operations. 


The IFS Cloud is an evergreen solution. It creates value for users by providing instant access to continuous software innovations and upgrades. Major changes are delivered twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.

  1. Employee Self Service; Procurement Enhancements 
  2. Provision of Capability to Procure to Other Legal Entities; 
  3. Enhancement of Material Surcharge handling in Purchasing;
  4. Enhancement of Customer Consignment Stock using RMA for adjustments before consumption reporting;
  5. Enhanced management of Packing Materials in Inventory; 
  6. Enhancement of Transport Consolidation by more automated creation of Consolidated Shipments; 
  7. Enhancement of Internal Direct Deliveries; 
  8. Enhanced Warehouse Worker User Experience; 
  9. Continued enhancement of Warehouse Worker User Experience; 
  10. Advanced Supply Chain Procurement functionalities – Supplier Schedule Enhancements; 
  11. Contract Management Improvements – Material Surcharge and Price Elements;
  12. Enhancements of Packing Material Management; 
  13. Enhanced support in Transport Loading; 
  14. Enhancements of Transport Management Interface Template. 


List of customers using IFS Cloud obtained from official IFS promotional materials (IFS Cloud).

TECHNICAL highlights:

AI is one of the IFS features that extends the use of AI across all IFS Cloud, image by Novacura

AI based advanced algorithms platform

AI in IFS Cloud consists of IFS.ai, an AI architecture that extends the use of AI across all IFS Cloud functions and customer businesses. IFS.ai enables users to automate and optimize processes and decisions related to people, assets, and services, using machine learningnatural language processing, computer vision, and other AI techniques.


IFS.ai also supports data visualization, reporting, and analytics to help users make better and faster decisions.


IFS Cloud leverages AI, machine learning, and automation to assist customers in achieving growth, delivering successful outcomes, and pivoting quickly as needs arise.

Document management for paperless workflows and digital transformation

Create, edit, and manage documents across the organization. IFS Cloud document management provides features such as workflow, templates, version control, release management, and access control.

The IFS SCM module integrates with other business objects in the application to ensure consistency and accuracy of information. It also enables users to handle the entire lifecycle of documents with ease and efficiency.

Record the history of document changes and actions and allow users to access and modify documents according to their roles and permissions. End-to-end document management in IFS cloud helps users to create, store, access, and manage documents from any device and location.

Reporting capabilities of IFS Cloud Software, photo Novacura

Reporting and Analysis for Your Business Needs

IFS Cloud offers various types of reporting. Users can create and customize reports using the IFS client SCM application, lobbies, charts, and timelines. Users can also generate operational reports on their business performance, choosing from over 500 standard reports or creating their own.


Users can use a Microsoft Excel plug-in to create and edit reports, write back data, schedule reports, and share them. Users can also use popular business intelligence platforms like Power BI and data warehouse cubes to create interactive and visual reports. 

Flexible and Scalable IFS Cloud Platform, photo Novacura

Deploy wherever you want

IFS Cloud is a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to the changing needs of service organizations. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model. It can also be configured and customized to suit different industries, geographies, and business processes. It can support any size of service organization, from small to large.

Evergreen, photo Novacura

Always up to date (Evergreen)

IFS Cloud is a cloud-based solution that delivers the most advanced features and functionalities for your business needs. It follows a regular development plan with releases twice a year, in half year intervals, with versions R1 and R2. This ensures that you always have access to the latest innovations and improvements from IFS Cloud, without having to worry about the maintenance and upgrade costs. IFS Cloud is the smart choice for staying ahead of the competition.

Ready for modification and expanding

IFS Cloud is a solution that can be easily extended and customized to meet your specific business needs and preferences. One of the tools that you can use to extend IFS Cloud is Novacura Flow, a low-code platform that allows you to create your own ERP applications by simply drawing them in a graphical interface. Novacura Flow also offers business process management and integration capabilities, as well as a library.


Supply chain management solutions::

Below we summarize the list of areas supported by IFS Cloud Supply Chain Management: 


Demand forecasting


  • Highly graphical, intuitive interface 
  • Comprehensive set of forecasting models 
  • Several ways to measure forecast errors 
  • Seasonal profiles, campaign, events and periodic profiles 
  • Built in forecast collaboration 
  • Short term forecasting that factors in predicted weather 


Supply chain planning


  • Supply chain analysis 
  • Supply chain availability  
  • Embedded solution with synchronous change management in the network 
  • Traceability and control 
  • Centralized returns 


Warehouse management


  • Basic and advanced warehouse management operations 
  • Put away 
  • Wave picking 
  • Multi-level handling units 
  • Batch- and serial tracking 
  • Warehouse optimization 
  • Warehouse data collection - embedded mobile solution 
  • Remote warehouse handling and stock operations management 
  • Interactive displays (visually guides and presents information for warehouse workers using e-label display technology) 


Inventory replenishment


  • Differentiated inventory planning based on frequency, ABC class, location and lifecycle stage 
  • Parameters set on groups instead of individual parts 
  • Direct connection to demand planning with automatic update of ABC class and lifecycle stage 


Sales order


  • Flexible fulfilment process 
  • Multi-site capabilities 
  • Flexible sourcing 
  • Quotation management 
  • Configure to order (CTO) capabilities 
  • Available to-promise (ATP) 
  • Return material authorization (RMA) 
  • Customer schedules 
  • Multitude of pricing options 
  • Fast and accurate invoice handling including several invoice types 
  • Full accounts receivable interaction including credit control 
  • Automated guided customer order intake 


Shipment management


  • Generic process for receipt 
  • Inspection, returns and scrap handling 
  • Generic process for shipment 
  • Configurable shipment process   
  • Dispatch advice sent and/or received 
  • Standard capabilities for integration between trading partners 
  • Common UI when integrating IFS Cloud with 3rd party transport booking solutions 


Rental management


  • Renting in  
  • Renting out 
  • Source internally or externally 
  • Project-connected solution 
  • Work order connected solution 

List of IFS Cloud Modules, Functionality and Key Capabilities

Explore 11 modules, 90 functionalities, encompassing a diverse range of 765 capabilities. Download the list highlighting the key functional capabilities provided by IFS Cloud (2023-R2). Novacura – Trusted by 220+ Companies.

List of key IFS Cloud functional capabilities, photo Novacura

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