IFS Cloud is a cloud-based software platform that enables businesses to run their industry-specific processes and operations with the latest technology. It is a powerful, flexible, and open platform that can be customized and integrated with other systems and applications. It delivers delightful user experiences, with intuitive and responsive interfaces that can be accessed from any device and location. It leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things capabilities to provide insights, automation, and optimization for businesses. The IFS Cloud platform is high-performance, scalable, and secure, ensuring that businesses can handle complex and demanding workloads with confidence and reliability.


Flexible and Scalable IFS Cloud Platform, photo Novacura

Deploy wherever you want

IFS Cloud is a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to the changing needs of service organizations. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model. It can also be configured and customized to suit different industries, geographies, and business processes. It can support any size of service organization, from small to large.

Modern user interface for easy navigation and beautiful design

IFS Cloud offers enjoyable experiences through a responsive, user-centric design. It furnishes you with the IFS Lifecycle Experience and portals that assist you in the entire process of purchasing, implementing, operating, and expanding. Accessing your data and applications is also possible from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

AI based advanced algorithms platform

AI in IFS Cloud consists of IFS.ai, an AI architecture that extends the use of AI across all IFS Cloud functions and customer businesses. IFS.ai enables users to automate and optimize processes and decisions related to people, assets, and services, using machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other AI techniques.


IFS.ai also supports data visualization, reporting, and analytics to help users make better and faster decisions.


IFS Cloud leverages AI, machine learning, and automation to assist customers in achieving growth, delivering successful outcomes, and pivoting quickly as needs arise.

IOT integration with IFS software, photo Novacura

Connect devices, streamline processes

IoT in IFS Cloud is a way of connecting the world of IoT devices with the world of business applications. It allows users to gather, analyze, and act on data from sensors and other sources, such as wind turbines, machines, or vehicles. It also enables users to monitor, maintain, and optimize the performance and lifecycle of their assets.


IoT in IFS Cloud consists of three main components: the Discovery Manager, the IoT Gateway, and the IoT Controller, which allows users to operate it as they like.

GIS Integration: map assets, optimize operations

The GIS module in IFS Cloud Asset Management allows users to view and manage the location and status of various assets on a map. It uses the ArcGIS platform from ESRI to display maps and data from the IFS business application.


Users can configure how they want to visualize different types of assets, such as equipment objects, linear assets, work orders, and tasks.

The GIS module helps users monitor, plan, and optimize their asset management operations.

Document management for paperless workflows and digital transformation

Create, edit, and manage documents across the organization. IFS Cloud document management provides features such as workflow, templates, version control, release management, and access control.


The module integrates with other business objects in the application to ensure consistency and accuracy of information. It also enables users to handle the entire lifecycle of documents with ease and efficiency.


Record the history of document changes and actions and allow users to access and modify documents according to their roles and permissions. End-to-end document management in IFS Cloud helps users create, store, access, and manage documents from any device and location.


IFS Cloud Notify Me is a feature that allows users to receive notifications on their devices when there are new business events that require their attention and action.


Users can view the details of the notifications and take actions such as approving, authorizing, or following up within the app.


Users can also customize their notification preferences and enable or disable notifications as they wish. The notifications cover various business areas such as absence requests, expenses, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoices, background jobs, tasks, and more.

Microsoft Teams integration

IFS Cloud also integrates with Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform, to enable users to access IFS Cloud data and functionality from within Teams.


Users can view, create, and update IFS Cloud objects, such as service requests, work orders, and invoices, from Teams. Furthermore, users can use Teams to chat with IFS Cloud contacts, such as customers, suppliers, and employees


IFS Cloud offers various types of reporting. Users can create and customize reports using the IFS client application, lobbies, charts, and timelines. Users can also generate operational reports on their business performance, choosing from over 500 standard reports or creating their own.


Users can use a Microsoft Excel plug-in to create and edit reports, write back data, schedule reports, and share them. Users can also use popular business intelligence platforms like Power BI and data warehouse cubes to create interactive and visual reports. 

Secure data, simplify proccesses

IFS Cloud security is a flexible framework that utilizes standard technologies for authentication, encryption, communication, and authorization. The security system includes a logging function to track all data modifications, creating a comprehensive audit trail.


Managed through an Information Security Management System, IFS Cloud security is certified to ISO 27001:2013 and aligns with ISAE3402 and SSAE18 SOC standards.


Furthermore, IFS Cloud security undergoes regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing for continuous evaluation.

A powerful and flexible way to customize your ERP solution

IFS Cloud empowers users to customize and tailor their applications to specific business needs. Users can modify the appearance and behavior, create new fields, actions, and screens, monitor and notify events, automate workflows and approvals, and utilize BPA scripts.


Designs and tools that are easy for consultants and power users to use in order to modify the data model, alter the user interface, automate processes, and more.

Ready for modification and expanding

IFS Cloud is a solution that can be easily extended and customized to meet your specific business needs and preferences.


One of the tools that you can use to extend IFS Cloud is Novacura Flow, a low-code platform that allows you to create your own ERP applications by simply drawing them in a graphical interface.


Novacura Flow also offers business process management and integration capabilities, as well as a library.   

Smart manufacturing, image Novacura

Smart manufacturing

IFS Cloud is a platform that enables you to optimize your manufacturing operations with real-time data and insights. It integrates with your devices and machines through IoT capabilities and provides you with MES capabilities to manage your production processes.


MES in IFS Cloud is a smart solution that helps you connect, capture, and control your shop floor data in real time. It enables you to automate your production reporting and quality control and improve your OEE.


It also helps you identify and resolve issues quickly and make faster and better decisions. You can monitor and improve your efficiency, visibility, and decision making with IFS Cloud. 

IFS Cloud: Intelligent automation for business, photo Novacura


IFS Cloud: Intelligent automation for your business. IFS Cloud is a platform that helps you automate and optimize various tasks with application and robotic services. Application services use AI techniques such as RPA, ML, NLP, and chatbots to process data, make decisions, and communicate.


Robotic services use robots or robotic arms to perform physical tasks that need precision, speed, strength, or endurance. They simplify and automate repetitive tasks, while also handling exceptions and lean principles. 

Excel integration for seamless operation in familiar environment

IFS Cloud offers an Excel Add-in that allows users to import and export data from and to IFS Cloud using Microsoft Excel.


Users can utilize the Excel Add-in for tasks such as data migration, validation, analysis, and reporting. This Microsoft Office Excel Add-in can be installed and configured in various ways based on user preferences and permissions.


It supports different versions of Excel and functions seamlessly across various devices and platforms. The Excel Add-in adheres to the same authentication and security standards as IFS Cloud Web.

Sync, collaborate, and manage emails with Outlook

Access and manage IFS Cloud data and activities from within their Outlook email client. Sync Outlook calendar with CRM/SRM activities, such as appointments, tasks, and reminders, and view them in a unified dashboard.


Use the IFS Panel in Outlook to create, update, and delete records in IFS Cloud, such as contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices, and more.


Attach documents and emails to IFS Cloud records, and view relevant information from IFS Cloud in their Outlook inbox. Streamline workflows, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers. 

Power BI, image Novacura

Power BI integration for stunning visualizations and powerful insights

Power BI is a powerful and popular tool for data visualization and analysis, which helps users to explore and understand their data in various ways. Power BI integration with IFS Cloud allows users to connect to IFS Cloud data sources, use pre-packaged analysis models and report templates, create and edit reports and dashboards in Power BI Desktop or Power BI Service, publish and share the reports and dashboards with other users, embed the reports and dashboards in IFS Cloud, and refresh the data automatically or manually.


Evergreen, photo Novacura

Always up to date (Evergreen)

IFS Cloud is a cloud-based solution that delivers the most advanced features and functionalities for your business needs. It follows a regular development plan with releases twice a year, in half year intervals, with versions R1 and R2. This ensures that you always have access to the latest innovations and improvements from IFS Cloud, without having to worry about the maintenance and upgrade costs. IFS Cloud is the smart choice for staying ahead of the competition.

Seamless synchronization of your MS Project data 

IFS Cloud MS Project integration is a feature that allows users to import and export projects between IFS Cloud and Microsoft Project. It helps users to leverage the familiar interface and functionality of Microsoft Project, while maintaining the data integrity and synchronization with IFS cloud. It supports various project attributes, such as activities, dependencies, resources, costs, and constraints. 

Streamline your engineering and design processes with CAD & BIM integrations

Enable users to import and export CAD and BIM models between IFS Cloud and other applications, and to link them to project activities, deliverables, and documents. It also supports visual planning, navigation models, work package management, and integrated subcontract management. It helps users to improve the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of their projects

EDI on your ERP system

IFS Cloud integration with EDI is a feature that enables users to exchange electronic trading data with their customers and suppliers using the IFS ERP system. EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a standard method for transferring business documents between different systems. This functionality allows users to automate and streamline their sourcing and purchasing processes, reduce errors and costs, and enhance their management of supplier relationships.


List of customers using IFS Cloud obtained from official IFS promotional materials (IFS Cloud).

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