Novacura Flow Capabilities:

Modifications free ERP approach


Keep your ERP free of modifications.
Use low-code applications instead!


Novacura Flow, our flexible low-code platform, is dedicated to expanding popular ERP systems by building ERP applications. These ERP applications cooperate with ERP systems as they are native parts of the ERP. Thanks to that, you can use Novacura Flow as the alternative to direct ERP modifications. This has a dramatic impact on future ERP maintenance costs, especially when you upgrade your ERP, or replace it.

why you need Modifications-Free ERP:

The why:

Typical problem with ERP modifications

If a company wants to optimize its processes, it has to implement changes to IT systems. In the ERP world, it typically means "ERP modifications". Modifications require high competencies and are costly. But the big problem occurs when the company wants to upgrade the ERP: it is hard to identify all the "hundred" tiny modifications prepared over time, and in addition, these modifications must be recreated in the new ERP version!

The why (consequence):

Modifications block companies from upgrading ERP

Because of the fact that ERP modifications make ERP upgrade projects more complicated and expensive, companies usually delay the upgrade. As a consequence, they don't benefit from the newest ERP versions (while paying for ERP maintenance)! 

The problem is growing nowadays as ERP providers implement the "Evergreen" strategy and requires regular upgrades. By this, the need to recreate modifications might happen several times a year!

The solution:

Implement modifications as separate ERP applications

You can implement the vast majority* of your modifications as ERP applications in the Novacura Flow platform. Thanks to that you eliminate modifications from your ERP. You keep all of them separately (now in the form of a low-code app). It gives you a good overview as it is much easier to identify all modifications when they all are in one platform. And it is much easier to keep consistency the more changes you implement...

*) There can always be a space for tiny-little ERP changes that are easier to implement directly in ERP and more convenient for end-users.  

The benefit:

No fuss during the ERP upgrade. Evergreen readiness!

The real benefit of having all modifications implemented as ERP applications appears when you upgrade to a new ERP version. It is not only easier to identify all "modifications" that have to be upgraded. You don't have to recreate your modifications when you upgrade! You can reconnect ERP applications to the new ERP version, and with some additional adjustments (the scale of adjustments might vary depending on how the new ERP is different), they can work with the new ERP. With that architecture, you are ready for the ERP evergreen

Technical architecture:

Deep ERP integration

All ERP applications created in Novacura Flow can successfully replace ERP modifications thanks to the "Deep ERP Integration" by Novacura Flow. With the deep integration, applications created in Novacura Flow constantly interact with ERP systems and exchange data in the online mode (synchronous communication).

With that architecture, you can think of our ERP applications as an alternative user interface for your ERP, where every operation performed in Novacura Flow has the same effect (and at the exact moment), as an analogous operation performed directly in the ERP! Therefore, users would see no limitations in the behavior of the ERP application compared to the classical ERP modification.

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