Novacura Flow:

Key modules of the Novacura Flow package

Novacura Flow in a nutshell

Novacura Flow is a sophisticated low-code platform that enables our customers to rapidly develop their own applications and advanced enterprise solutions - as quickly as in a few days! With Novacura Flow, customers don’t need programming skills – because it is a low-code platform customers (including people from “business” divisions) can draw their applications instead of coding them using typical programming languages.

Novacura Flow Modules:

Novacura Flow Web Client

The ideal application for desktop users. Start new processes, access the inbox, and undertake assigned tasks. The actions are fully modifiable through the application modeler – Flow Studio (see further down).

Novacura Flow Mobile Client

An application that offers similar capabilities as the Web Client, but is designed for mobile devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, and barcode readers. It supports iOS, iPad OS, and Android OS.

Novacura Flow Portal

A web-based, fully customizable dashboard that provides insight into large datasets. Portal offers flexible reporting capabilities (including different types of charts) and is similar to BI tools. With one difference – Flow Portal is a fully interactive dashboard, that can be used not only to view reports but also to invoke actions and process data. Flow Portal can be used as a KPI dashboard for managers as well as a B2B portal.

Novacura Flow Studio

The design and admin workspace for application designers - allows the modification of applications running in the Flow environment, modeling of processes and it´s management (including users)

Flow Server & Connectors

Although invisible to users, Novacura Flow Server plays a crucial role:

  • stores all workflow/application definitions (with versioning)
  • keeps configuration about all users/rights
  • executes processes, monitors them
  • serves data to all client applications and users
  • takes care of the connection pooling
  • and more...

Novacura Flow Connectors are responsible for establishing connections with various external systems. They support various communication protocols.

Watch Novacura Flow in action!


Watch this video to better understand how the application creation process works in Novacura Flow Studio.



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