The story of Novacura

It all started in 2005, when the founders of Novacura asked

“Why should our clients have to adapt to a static system instead of getting access to an efficient solution, tailor-made to suit their business?”

This was when we realized that instead of trying to create one tool that manages everything, we’d instead focus on a tool that helps businesses get more out of the tools they already have. Something that puts business processes front and center, and makes technology fit the process (instead of the other way around).


Novacura was founded in February 2005. The first system developer was hired at the beginning of 2006. Since then, the company has grown to 15 offices in 9 countries on 3 continents. And we continue to grow organically, year after year.


Why? Because our customers have seen real value in what Novacura provides them: a way to year after year easily adapt to changes, continuously improve their business processes, and significantly improve their profits.


Novacura opens their first office in Hovås, just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden


Uppsala office opens.


Karlstad and Växjö offices open.


Novacura Poland opens in Kraków.


Ahead of our 10th anniversary, we launched Novacura Benelux, Novacura Norway and an office in Linköping.


Novacura Finland opens in Pargas.


Novacura North America opens in Cincinnati.


Novacura opens offices in Malmö, Sweden and in Germany, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.


Sundsvall office opens.


Novacura Australia sees the light of day.


Novacura has a new visual identity and new website.


Novacura has won the IFS Channel Partner 2022 award in Miami, USA. We are an official IFS partner worldwide.