The entire Novacura staff together

The history of Novacura

It´s the year 2005, somewhere in Gothenburg, Sweden…

The founders of Novacura have a shared ambition – to deliver real benefits to companies by combining efficient business processes with effective IT solutions.
“—Why should our clients have to adapt to a static system instead of getting access to an efficient solution, tailor-made to suit their business?”
This was when we realized the opportunities involved in supplying a good solution for a specific business with several tools, instead of supplying ONE system and ONE solution. There was also a huge demand in the market for suppliers with a focus on the business and its requirements and using that as a starting point rather than the tool itself.

As a result, Novacura was founded in February 2005. At the beginning of 2006, the first system developer was hired. The company today consists of 110 permanent employees in eight countries.

The company grows organically, year by year.

As a company, we are eager to expand organically and more people are employed as the orders received grow in number and size. Since the beginning, the company headquarters have been based in Billdal/ Nya Hovås, about 20 km south of Gothenburg city.

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