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IFS Cloud is a highly sophisticated platform encompassing all modules essential
for the most crucial industries.




IFS Cloud  a single platform that delivers class-leading solutions. It is designed to meet the needs of your business and the markets you serve, with solutions tailored to your industry and functional needs. With IFS ERP, you can start with the solution that fits your needs best and add new functionality as your requirements change and grow, without having to buy, integrate and support new products.

IFS software is the solution that lets you evolve to new business models, control costs, expand faster and serve your customers better.


IFS Cloud ERP software has modern interface, image by Novacura

Modern user interface for easy navigation and beautiful design

IFS Cloud offers enjoyable experiences through a responsive, user-centric design. It furnishes you with the IFS Lifecycle Experience and portals that assist you in the entire process of purchasing, implementing, operating, and expanding. Accessing your data and applications is also possible from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Flexible and Scalable IFS Cloud Platform, photo Novacura

Deploy wherever you want

IFS (ERP) System is a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to the changing needs of service organizations. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model. It can also be configured and customized to suit different industries, geographies, and business processes. IFS maintenance system can support any size of service organization, from small to large.

Financial reporting and analysis with Finance modul, photo Novacura

Integration: a foundation for success and comfort

Seamlessly connect IFS Cloud with various technologies to enhance business processes. IoT - monitor equipment health, predict maintenance needs, and gain real-time insights. GIS - Combine geographic data for efficient field service management and optimized routing. Microsoft Applications - integrate with Teams, Outlook, Excel, and Project for collaboration and data exchange. These and many other integrations empower organizations to maximize efficiency and informed decision-making on the platform. 

IFS Cloud is available for heavy manufacturing industry, image by Novacura

Tailored solutions for industry efficiency

With industry-specific accelerators for more efficient implementation for rapid and accurate decision-making. IFS software is available for specific industries, especially the heavy, manufacturing ones, reaching deep into their problems with tailored solutions.

IFS Cloud Service Mangement module allows to control all aspects of your business, image by Novacura

Comprehensive service management in One product

IFS Cloud Service Management offers complete control, optimization, innovation and connectivity across the entire service lifecycle. It covers all aspects of service management, such as field service, contact center, contracts, warranties, parts, logistics, remote

assistance, and more. It is a single platform that addresses the full-service lifecycle.

IFS Cloud is the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, image by Novacura

7-Time Gartner Leader

IFS Field Service Management has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management for the 7th time in a row. Gartner placed IFS highest for its Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision in the report1. This shows that it is a trusted and proven solution that delivers best-in-class service.

Based on the source: Gartner, Inc.

Manufacturing Execution System, photo Novacura

Completeness and servitization empower manufacturing excellence

IFS Cloud Manufacturing module helps manufacturers to manage and improve their entire production process, from planning to execution to analysis. It also enables them to offer better customer service and differentiation by providing optimized short-term planning and scheduling, as well as aftermarket services.

IFS program supports also servitization, giving the opportunity to transform manufacturing from selling products to selling services.

Smart manufacturing, image Novacura

Transform factories with smart manufacturing

IFS software enables you to optimize your manufacturing operations with real-time data and insights. It integrates with your devices and machines through IoT capabilities and provides you with MES capabilities to manage your production processes.


MES in IFS Cloud is a smart solution that helps you connect, capture, and control your shop floor data in real time. It enables you to automate your production reporting and quality control and improve your OEE.


It also helps you identify and resolve issues quickly and make faster and better decisions. You can monitor and improve your efficiency, visibility, and decision making with clod ERP solutions. 

IFS Cloud: Intelligent automation for business, photo Novacura

Optimize processes with automation

Intelligent automation for your business. IFS computer software helps you automate and optimize various tasks with application and robotic services. Application services use AI techniques such as RPA, ML, NLP, and chatbots to process data, make decisions, and communicate.


Robotic services use robots or robotic arms to perform physical tasks that need precision, speed, strength, or endurance. They simplify and automate repetitive tasks, while also handling exceptions and lean principles. 

Reporting capabilities of IFS Cloud Software, photo Novacura

Reporting and analysis for your business needs

IFS Cloud offers various types of reporting. Users can create and customize reports using the client application, lobbies, charts, and timelines. Users can also generate operational reports on their business performance, choosing from over 500 standard reports or creating their own.


Users can use a Microsoft Excel plug-in to create and edit reports, write back data, schedule reports, and share them. Users can also use popular business intelligence platforms like Power BI and data warehouse cubes to create interactive and visual reports. 

Evergreen, photo Novacura

Always up to date (Evergreen)

IFS Cloud is a cloud-based ERP solution that delivers the most advanced features and functionalities for your business needs. It follows a regular development plan with releases twice a year, in half year intervals, with versions R1 and R2. This ensures that you always have access to the latest innovations and improvements, without having to worry about the maintenance and upgrade costs. Opting for IFS Cloud offers a strategic overview for staying ahead of the competition.


List of customers using IFS Cloud obtained from official IFS promotional materials (IFS Cloud).

List of IFS Cloud Modules, Functionality and Key Capabilities

Explore 11 modules, 90 functionalities, encompassing a diverse range of 765 capabilities. Download the list highlighting the key functional capabilities provided by IFS Cloud (2023-R2). Novacura – Trusted by 220+ Companies.

List of key IFS Cloud functional capabilities, photo Novacura

How to implement:

IFS Cloud integration methodology, photo Novacura

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As a trusted partner of IFS since 2015, Novacura has been at the forefront of selling and co-selling IFS Cloud solutions throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious IFS Channel Partner of the Year award in 2017, 2019, and 2022, a testament to our status as a top-tier partner within the IFS ecosystem.


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