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Training descriptions

We’re delighted that you’re part of our tech-savvy community. At Novacura Academy, we strive to make IT training smooth and valuable experience. Here you can take first step in exploring our flag ship product Novacura Flow. 
Our trainings are designed to be your friendly companions on your journey with our Flow solutions. So let’s dive in together and explore the exciting world of technology.

Hi, I'm Paul Phillips. I help develop our Novacura Flow software. I hope you'll enjoy your journey with Novacura Flow. We continue to develop our product to bring business value, but also to be more agile in terms of user experience.








Date 2nd Date Training  Region Trainer
October 30th/31st December 4th/5th Flow Basics US Ben Meissner
November 1st/2nd December 6th/7th Flow Extended US Ben Meissner
November 3rd December 8th Portal 2 US Ben Meissner
November 6th/7th December 4th/5th Flow Basics Europe Per Oster
November 8th/9th December 6th/7th Flow Extended Europe Per Oster
November 10th December 8th Portal 2 Europe Per Oster
November 6th/7th   Flow Basics Asia TBD
November 8th/9th   Flow Extended Asia TBD
November 10th   Portal 2 Asia TBD
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