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No more paperwork overload, no more manual errors and 100% accuracy. You can make that happen with Novacura Flow — and it’s easier than you might think.

Our solution:

Below we summarize the list of areas supported by our package of mobile applications for manufacturing companies:


Suppliers / delivery management​

  • Stock level management
  • Purchase orders management within B2B portal (EDI support)
  • Delivery management within B2B portal (JIT system support)
  • Double-codification for goods delivered from suppliers - ability to use external labels / codes
  • Financial settlements with suppliers within B2B portal 
  • Integrated carrier communication within B2B portal


Internal logistics / production support​

  • Material requisition processing
  • On-demand material delivery orders processing
  • Order picking optimization (picking paths optimization, strategies support FIFO, FEFO, LIFO)
  • Transportation management for the shop floor (trolleys configuration & delivery route management and planning)
  • External inventory usage optimization (delivery time transport duration, production returns management)​​


Finished goods / shipment​

  • Finished goods storage​​
  • Shipment planning​ and confirmation with customers (B2B Portal)
  • Transportation management, planning (schedulling / adhoc – premium freight)​​
  • Transportation preparation control (packing, loading, warehouse dock and ramp allocation)
  • Transportation costs optimizations (route planning, post-analysis)


Inventory management

  • Material and component storage
  • Traceability, batch / LOT identification on every stage
  • Handling unit management
  • Material movements (inside inventory/ cross-inventory)
  • Inventory counting ("on the fly" / cycle counting / periodical)
  • Aging stock management
  • Outdated material and production scrap disposal
  • Locations management (virtual locations, external locations management)


Returnable packaging management

  • Packages pool planning based on production demand
  • Packages in a loop monitoring​​
  • Package damage reporting
  • Packages picking / packaging-sets completing from the shop floor​​
  • Constant packaging quantity control within B2B Portal
  • Track & Trace back and forth packaging among distribution center, suppliers and customers


Common technology support​

  • B2B Portals (connecting suppliers, customers)
  • ERP and machines Integration (Industrial IoT connectors)
  • Full support for labeling, barcodes and RFID 
  • EDI integration
  • Business systems integration (ERP, MES, APS, TMS and others)
  • Augmented Reality based support
  • Computer Vision integration for quality control / traceability
  • Pick-by-voice technology

Key benefits:


Custom warehouse management

Combine mobile apps, steered workflows, GPS and barcode scanning to create a warehouse that’s virtually foolproof. No more shipping errors, misplaced inventory or paper picking lists!


Barcode scanning and RFID solutions

Code scanning is 10X faster and more accurate than manual input. Adding barcode scanning to your warehouse helps you fill orders faster and improve traceability too.


Quality assured processes

Combine process management, process automation and QA best practices to deliver consistent, reliable services to your customers every time.


Connected workflows

Combine data from your ERP, WMS and other business systems to manage your logistics processes, automate what you can, and optimize everything for peak efficiency.


Customer self-service

Customers want transparency. With Novacura Flow, you can create a customer self-service portal that gives customers the info they want—on your terms.

Our Software Platform:

With Novacura Flow IFS Cloud works on all devices without losing functionality, photo bu Novacura

An interface optimized for thousands of operations daily

Our applications run on a sophisticated software platform – Novacura Flow. One of the key foundations of this platform is to run on every device – from barcode scanners, via mobile phones and tablets, to desktop workstations equipped with large screens.

But we are not just another SaaS software that offers that. We have optimized our user interface for users that work on a shop floor, in a warehouse, or in the field. We know that every “click” matters for these people because they run 1000+ operations a day!

Process of ERP modification using Novacura Flow, photo by Novacura

Ready for changes thanks to its low-code core!

Every company is different from the other. You might have specific processes and require unique features and we are ready for that! We created our applications for logistics and distribution based on the low-code platform.

Our applications are not hard-coded so our customers can modify them or clone them and create variants. And they can build their own applications. And thanks to the low-code engine they can create applications by drawing them like they draw a business process.

Integration with ERP. Deep integration!

Our low-code platform Novacura Flow and industry applications can play a vital role in logistics and distribution operations. Performed activities in logistics and distribution require continuous coordination of various tasks and departments. The ERP system plays a key role for all operational transactions.

We treat the ERP as a primary system –  master data is stored there and available from Novacura Flow applications via the efficient user interface. You can easily adopt Novacura Flow without changing surrounding processes.



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