October 10-14, 2022, Novacura had the opportunity to participate in the IFS Unleashed conference held at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) in Miami, USA.

IFS, as the host of the event, brought together world-class experts in technology and industrial solutions under the roof of the MBCC. Companies from Europe and the US were able to introduce their products and services that can bring significant benefits to business operations. During the event, sponsors presented their offerings to visitors from different industries and countries. The event was visited by nearly 1,800 managers, analysts, engineers, and other experts who were interested in increasing efficiency in their companies.

Novacura, as an participant with a Gold+ Sponsor status at booth #401, was very visible during the event on MBCC premises. We had opportunity to share our knowledge about factors that influance industrial processes and to present our solutions that play a key role in these days business operations.

Novacura booth #401 one day before the opening of MBCC for visitors.

IFS Unleashed Highlights

  1. The Novacura mobile solutions
  2. The Inspiring speakers – Presentations of Aksel Jarlbäck and Paul Phillips.
  3. The IFS Winners – Partner of the Year

Novacura mobile solutions

Over the three days of the event, Novacura attracted hundreds of visitors, giving them clear explanations of the importance of mobile solutions in the operational processes. 

 Jansen Davidson Sr (left) , Lloyd Briggs (upfront), Aksel Jarlbäck (right), dressed in dark blue shirts with the Novacura logo, share with guests their knowledge and the benefits on using Novacura Flow.

We increased our guests’ confidence in our flagship product, the Next-Generation Low-Code platform, which allows for development of business processes and applications for ERP. We also presented a library of ready-made industrial applications from our Marketplace, which can be easily customized for different industrial operations. 

Paul Phillips (right) explaining AI Computer Vision technology to Novacura booth visitors.


Östen Westman, Novacura (right), during chat with Magnus Ingmars, head of IFS User Group in the Nordics.

Greg Warner (left) and Aksel Jarlbäck (right upfront) presenting to booth visitors solutions from Novacura.

Greg Warner (dark blue shirt) talk to two visitors of Novacura booth. 

Novacura can support manufacturing processes with computer vision software. We presented in our booth a device with AI that simulates a spinning conveyor belt in production. 

Novacura’s solution for AI Computer Vision attracted a lot of visitors.

Booth #401 was crowded with visitors throughout the entire event. Novacura’s team members Greg WarnerÖsten Westman, Olof Olsson, Lloyd BriggsLukasz MajerJennie JohanssonAksel JarlbäckPaul PhillipsJansen Davidson Sr., Phillip Bartlett, Lars Steen and Johan Melander presented materials of great value to many companies all around the world. The visitors could see that we truly care about our customers. We proved that by showing them the recent reports of the high number of customer upgrades to IFS and Novacura Flow in the past few years. We are proud that our customers stay with us and want to grow with our solutions.

Inspiring speakers - Presentations Aksel Jarlbäck and Paul Phillips.

During the event, sponsors had the possibility to address a wider audience and present their approach to the industry. Novacura embraced this opportunity and reserved two time slots for our experts Aksel Jarlbäck and Paul Phillips.

At the Day 1, Aksel Jarlbäck has presented topic on “Increasing manufacturing efficiency”. Askel has experience gained from his OPS leadership roles in manufacturing companies. Based on his professional knowledge, the visitors were able to learn more about Novacura ready-made applications for the manufacturing industry, dedicated to expanding existing IFS Applications and IFS Cloud system. The presentation covered among others shop floor reporting tools, mobile maintenance orders, mobile warehouse management (WMS) and much more. 

Aksel Jarlbäck during the session explaining to audience how to connect internal logistics to the shop floor and how to optimize manufacturing processes with full online insight into all operations.

At the Day2, Paul Phillips our VP Product Management has presented “The Journey to IFS Cloud with Next-Gen Low-Code”. Paul has been involved for years in the product development, and he knows the market inside out and understand recent problems in different industries. During his presentation he has explained why ERP system modifications are usually the biggest barriers that push back ERP system upgrades. Visitors could understand better challenges that arises when planning a migration to the IFS Cloud and learn more about an “evergreen” strategy.

 Paul Phillips telling to the public how to avoid ERP modifications and improve operations with more efficient Next-Generation low-code platform.

IFS Winners – Partner of the Year

On the very first day, Novacura was announced as Channel Partner of the Year 2022. We are grateful that IFS has recognized our work and the value we deliver to the industry. This is further demonstration of Novacura’s deep understanding of the industry and indication of how strong position we hold in the IFS ecosystem. It’s a great reward a reflect to Novacura’s team of professionals who know the business processes best, and have extensive knowledge of project execution and provide excellent support for their customers in long-term projects.


Thank you to all visitors

We are deeply grateful to all the guests who visited our booth and attended presentations of our experts. At our booth, we hosted professionals from all over the world who pledged to choose Novacura solutions in the future. The presence of our guests at the booth and the interest in our services is the greatest gratification for Novacura, which reinforces our belief that our services are useful and bring significant value to businesses.

We hope to see you soon at the next events with Novacura!