Novacura Flow Capabilities:

Deep integration with ERP systems


Dedicated to ERP systems means…
deeply integrated!


Novacura Flow, our flexible low-code platform is dedicated to expanding popular ERP systems by building ERP applications. These ERP applications interact with ERP systems as if they were built-in parts; this is possible because of our “Deep ERP integration” philosophy and dedicated ERP connectors.

Deep ERP integration foundations:

Use ERP objects in every operation, not only in the "data-exchange" cycle

Typical 3rd party systems (including applications built in low-code platforms) operate on their data structures and exchange information with ERP systems only in crucial moments and about the most critical data. Novacura Flow constantly operates on ERP objects (accessing them only via official APIs), so every operation performed in Novacura Flow is immediately visible to those using the ERP system.

Novacura Flow supports deep erp integration, image by Novacura

Only official APIs

No matter how deeply Novacura Flow applications interact with ERP systems, it´s done only via official APIs offered by ERP providers.

Novacura Flow Connectors works with the most popular ERP systems using official communication protocols and APIs supported by the ERP vendors.

Maintained & certified connectors

New versions of ERP systems constantly bring changes to their APIs. Sometimes, when a new revolutionary version of an ERP comes to life,  the entire connectivity technology and protocols are changed (i.e. the OData interface that was introduced with IFS Cloud, or the new REST API for SAP products). The compatibility is crucial to keeping our "deep ERP integration", therefore Novacura Flow Connectors are constantly maintained by our R&D team.

Ability to integrate multiple (and different) ERPs

Novacura Flow can perfectly function as an integration platform and synchronize data between different business systems that exist in your organization. This situation typically arises in capital groups, where separate subsidiaries (operating in different regions) use different business systems, adapted to their country, scale and profile. Novacura Flow can integrate different types of ERP (i.e. Infor M3 and IBM Maximo), different versions of the same ERP (i.e. IFS Cloud and IFS Applications 9) or just 2 separate installations of the same ERP.

Diagram of overall experience in the IFS Consulting Department, image by Novacura

Understanding of ERP API through extensive experience

The technical ability to connect to the most popular ERPs (via the Flow Connectors) is not enough to build the ERP Applications which implement the "Deep ERP Integration" philosophy. To do that, the application developer must know all the necessary API objects (methods,  entry points, projections, etc.) that belong to the API catalog. Moreover, the developer must know which methods and what sequence to use to complete complex tasks in the ERP. But our customers are not alone here - Novacura (as an IFS Channel partner) together with Sales Partners have large knowledge about these APIs and are ready to help customers build the most complex ERP applications. 

advantages of deep ERP integration!

With the “Deep ERP Integration” applications created, Novacura Flow constantly interacts with ERP systems and exchange data in the online mode (synchronous communication).

Thanks to that, you can think of our ERP applications as an alternative user interface for your ERP, where every operation performed in Novacura Flow will have the same effect (and in real-time) as an analog operation performed directly in ERP!

Thus, you can evolutionarily introduce Novacura Flow to optimize certain processes (or parts), while keeping the other processes in their previous form. Novacura Flow will not destroy processes that previously only existed in ERP!

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