IFS Implementation Services

We follow the standard IFS methodology, flavoured with our unique technology!

As a Gold Channel Partner to IFS, we follow the proven IFS implementation methodology. But we are not just another IFS partner that implements IFS. After 17+ years of ERP implementation consulting with various customers, we have improved the standard IFS methodology with our unique steps.

This is possible thanks to our low-code technology - Novacura Flow, which gives us higher flexibility in shaping final solutions for our customers. We achieve better results without losing efficiency. Our ERP system implementation methodology is also more efficient (time-wise and cost-wise) because we develop all modifications as low-code applications and we use Novacura Flow connectors to integrate the ERP with 3rd-party systems! 

IFS Cloud integration methodology, photo Novacura

Our methodology - key facts:

Novacura Flow offers endless flexibility in customization, photo by Novacura

Endless flexibility in customizations

With Novacura Flow - our low-code platform - customers can request additional features and specific dedicated solutions, that perfectly support the way they operate. We offer a wide range of ERP implementation services and can meet these requirements without creating complicated ERP modifications which are expensive both to implement and maintain. With our platform, we effectively create successful slow-code applications that meet the most specific requirements, without facing ERP limitations. And due to Deep ERP integration, these apps interact with IFS as if they were standard components of the IFS package.

Novacura Flow helps integrate ERP system, photo by Novacura

Easy integration

ERP Integration is usually a huge part of an ERP implementation project, consists of certain steps and brings many challenges. We use Novacura Flow to create an integration layer between IFS systems and 3-rd party systems. This approach has 2 apparent advantages. Firstly, Novacura Flow is equipped with 50+ connectors to various business systems and technologies. Thus, we can use them and connect to the most popular systems without technical risks. Secondly, this integration layer keeps the IT architecture clear and eliminates the "integration spaghetti" effect. This ensures streamlined integration practices and a successful ERP implementation.

Implementing IFS Cloud with Novacura flow allows to fulfil even the most specific requirements, photo by Novacura

Fulfilment of the most specific requirements

By adding a Novacura Flow layer to the IFS system,  we can widely expand the functional and technological possibilities offered by the entire solution (IFS + Novacura Flow). Novacura Flow supports the most demanding industry requirements and offers specific features like barcode scanning, offline mode, GPS location, manufacturing equipment connectivity, mobile printing, all mobile platforms support, and much more. As a consequence, it performs equally well in a warehouse, on a shop floor, or out in the field.

Customize your ERP system with Flow Marketplace, image by Novacura

Implementation efficiency despite all customizations

In a typical approach, customizations have a significant impact on the implementation project (duration and ERP implementation cost). But customers should not completely forego customizations. However, systems must be adapted to real processes and not the other way around. With Novacura Flow, customers can get very specific modifications without impacting the implementation project length. It is possible thanks to low-code efficiency and our library of 100+ ready-to-run applications that can be used to fill ERP gaps. This approach streamlines the ERP implementation process and reduces the complexity associated with customization.

Lowered competency threshold for regular users

Typically, ERP systems offer comprehensive functionality with hundreds of options available. This gives much value to highly competent users, who could map various real-life situations onto ERP objects. But this complexity is an obstacle for regular users, who simply want to perform standard, repetitive tasks (i.e. warehouse employees or technicians).  

With Novacura Flow, you can build a new simplified user interface that will guide regular users through the entire process, offering them a step-by-step user interface. As a result, you would get better work efficiency, fewer mistakes, and no user frustration. Novacura Flow ensures, that the effects of the ERP system implementation will be more affordable for the end users in organizations of all sizes.

Novacura offers mature IFS Implementation methodology, image by Novacura

Mature implementation methodology

The success of our projects is not only based on the skills of an individual consultant. To be able to perform big projects, we must act as one team, where all team members share the same tools, methods, and aim at the same goal. In Novacura we have established the Project Office unit, which establishes project management methodology and tools. It also controls projects at various stages. With that, all projects are transparent for the entire organization and can be monitored on a regular basis. As a consequence, we achieve predictability of the results and scheduleThis ensures effective coordination and alignment throughout the ERP implementation plan.

Process of ERP modification using Novacura Flow, photo by Novacura

Future efficiency in implementing changes!

Forget about the long queue of modifications waiting for delivery. Having Novacura FLOW you can deliver applications ridiculously faster than by modifying your ERP. This is because you can develop multiple applications at the same time and by different people. These people don’t have to come from the IT world – even business people can create their preliminary applications by simply drawing them in our designer. This is real democratized development.

Novacura Flow fills ERP gaps


We know that every business is unique and needs specific solutions. With Novacura Flow, you can create specific ERP applications that expand the standard capabilities of your ERP system.

Implementation service deliverables:


  1. IFS system installed
  2. IFS system’s configuration prepared
  3. Data migrated
  4. Novacura Flow installed (optional)
  5. Customizations done (as Novacura Flow apps)
  6. Integration with 3rd parties established (with Novacura Flow)
  7. Users trained


and more…


  1. Project management documentation (plans, protocols, and other artifacts)
  2. Tests documentation (plans, protocols)
  3. Functional specification – IFS configuration
  4. Functional specification – for Novacura Flow apps and integrations
  5. System documentation (incl. administration)
  6. Training materials


and more…


IFS licenses delivery:

Novacura is a Gold Channel Partner to IFS. Therefore we can deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers. We sell IFS licenses* together with IFS ERP implementation services – this can be done as a part of one consistent agreement. Because of that, our customers have one point of contact regardless of if they want to talk about the IFS system or about the performance of services.

*) all licensing models supported – including SaaS and Subscription


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Why Novacura:

The entire ERP lifecycle diagram, image by Novacura

One versatile partner for years:

A comprehensive range of services

Novacura offers a complete set of services in relation to IFS Applications / IFS Cloud systems. Therefore, when choosing Novacura, you get the IFS implementation Partner for years to come. 

We help our customers during the entire ERP lifecycle. We can help you grow with the IFS system, and we can help optimize the way you use the IFS system by carrying out "ERP usage efficiency audits". 

Novacura - the best IFS Channel Partner of the Year, image by Novacura

Awarded partner:

Gold Channel partner

Novacura has been a partner with IFS since 2015.

Our Channel Partner Agreement includes the Nordic region (with the Baltics) where Novacura will Resell and Co-sell IFS Cloud.


Novacura was awarded IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017, 2019 and 2022. An exclusive and honorable status that is only given to the best IFS partners.

Diagram of overall experience in the IFS Consulting Department, image by Novacura

Our team:

IFS competencies & experience

Our Service division hires the best IFS consultants you can find in the market. A lot of them have 10+ years of experience in IFS.

They have realized dozens of projects connected to IFS systems – implementations, upgrades and service projects.

Teams are located in our offices around the world, so we can be really close to our customers when they need it, and provide cost-effective offshore support whenever it is possible. 

IFS´ capabilities with Novacura Flow low-code platform, image by Novacura

Our unique value:

Our low-code / BPM / integration layer for IFS

Our low-code platform – Novacura Flow - can widely expand IFS´ capabilities.

You can implement all additional requirements for IFS as Novacura Flow applications. It is much more efficient than typical modification preparation because instead of coding customizations, you draw them using a low-code application designer. Thus, you can keep the IFS core free of modifications.

But Novacura Flow is not only the low-code platform – equipped with 50+ connectors to various systems and technologies, it can be used as an integration platform for IFS. Moreover, it could help you orchestrate business processes operating as a process layer for your IFS.

Evergreen ERP strategy, image by Novacura

Prepared for Evergreen:

Clean ERP architecture without modifications

With the IFS Cloud version, IFS introduced the "evergreen" strategy for IFS systems. IFS ends a previous versioning philosophy (v7, v8 .. v10), where new versions were announced once a few years. Now IFS promises to release the new IFS Cloud version twice a year! But this also brings challenges to customers: companies must be prepared to upgrade their modifications much more often!

With Novacura Flow, customers can keep their customizations outside the ERP, as low-code applications. Then, when the need for the upgrade comes, they simply "reconnect" Flow applications to the new IFS version, without porting them.

IFS solutions for industries, image by Novacura

Industry expertise:

Our Solutions for industries

We believe, that only a combination of technical skills and specialized industry knowledge brings real value to our customers.

Thanks to hundreds of delivered projects, our consultants can now advise our customers in these industries.

In addition, we've prepared end-to-end software solutions for specific industries. These solutions utilize the potential of the combination of IFS systems and the Novacura Flow platform. 


Osten Westman, sales director at Novacura

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