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IFS Managed Services and Support (AMS)



Novacura, with its dedicated Customer Service division, can offer a wide range of post-implementation services related to the IFS system, including maintenance. We can help you outsource application management services – from the most technical layer, through to the business administration and development of the application


Our services - key facts:

24/5 coverage for support services, image by Novacura

Application Support - High SLA parameters

We offer 24/5 coverage for application support services (ERP help desk). This is possible because of our geographical distribution and offices located on almost all continents. We can manage incidents and reassign them between ERP support consultants working in different locations in our dedicated "service management system'"

Based on that, we offer best-in-class SLA parameters - down to a 2-hour response time for high-priority queries.

Illustration of our clear and well-defined support processes, image by Novacura

Clear and well-defined support processes

Our customers benefit from well-defined support processes. It provides visibility into the incident handling process and they know what to expect at each step. We take care of the entire process, so if 3rd line support is required, we pass the incident on to the system supplier (IFS or Novacura Flow's development department) and we monitor the case status on behalf of the customer.

Novacura Product Support request, image by Novacura

Convenient communication channel

Our customers have access to our customer service system based on the JIRA Service Management (JSM) platform. They use it to issue their incidents, change requests and other issues and to track the status of their data. The system is used for two-way communication. All communications are stored in the system, so both customers and Novacura have an overview of historical cases.


In urgent cases, customers can also reach us by telephone or other communication channels (depending on the level of the AMS agreement).

Diagram of overall experience in the IFS Customer Service, image by Novacura

Highly competent team

As a cloud managed services provider, we know, that no matter how mature the processes and tools are, the competence of the service team is the key to customer satisfaction.


In our customer helpdesk service division, we only hire people with solid IFS backgrounds.


The ERP cloud support doesn't end on the 1st and 2nd line - our Customer service team utilizes the expertise offered by our "army" of 70+ IFS technical consultants in the organization.

Applications and incidents monitoring with IFS Support Services, image by Novacura

Applications and Incidents monitoring

We constantly monitor customers' applications with automated monitoring tools. We also overview the fulfillment of SLA parameters by constantly observing incident performance reports. And we don´t only care about "dry" numbers - we constantly measure our customer's satisfaction in relation to every single incident handled.

Process of ERP modification using Novacura Flow, photo by Novacura

Application Development & Integrations

As a part of AMS services, we offer ERP configuration development and ERP customizations. We try to avoid direct ERP modifications whenever possible. We usually implement customizations in our low-code platform "Novacura Flow" dedicated to working with IFS. Thanks to that, we can implement new features more efficiently and use a more versatile user interface. And, thanks to predefined connectors, we can relatively easily integrate with other systems and physical devices – all while keeping the ERP core free of modifications.

SLA parameters summary:

Support Window

Novacura can offer an individually negotiated “support window” (with 24/5 support) and dedicated communication channels to meet the highest expectations. 



Parameters might vary depending on the complexity of the solution and particular elements used to build the final solution (IFS systems, Novacura Flow).


Our ERP support manager is also able to offer individually negotiated SLA parameters to meet even more demanding expectations.


Why Novacura:

The entire ERP lifecycle diagram, image by Novacura

One versatile partner for years:

Comprehensive range of services

Novacura offers a complete set of services in relation to IFS Applications / IFS Cloud systems. Thanks to that, when choosing Novacura, you get a Partner for years to come. 

We help our customers during the entire ERP lifecycle. We can help them grow with their IFS system, and we can help them optimize the way they use the IFS systems by carrying out "ERP usage efficiency audits". 

Novacura - the best IFS Channel Partner of the Year, image by Novacura

Awarded partner:

Gold Channel partner

Novacura has been partnered with IFS since 2015.

Our Channel Partner Agreement includes the Nordic region (with the Baltics) where Novacura will Resell and Co-sell IFS Cloud.


Novacura was awarded IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017, 2019 and 2022. An exclusive and honorable status that is only given to the best IFS partners.

Diagram of overall experience in the IFS Consulting Department, image by Novacura

Our team:

IFS competencies & experience

Our Service division hires the best IFS consultants you can find in the market. Many of them have 10+ years of experience in IFS.

They have all realized dozens of projects connected to IFS systems – implementations, upgrades and service projects.

Our Team is located in our offices around the world, so we can be really close to our customers when they need it, and provide cost-effective offshore support whenever it is possible. 

IFS´ capabilities with Novacura Flow low-code platform, image by Novacura

Our unique value:

Our low-code / BPM / integration layer for IFS

Our low-code platform – Novacura Flow – can widely expand IFS´ capabilities.

You can implement all additional requirements for IFS as Novacura Flow applications. It is much more efficient than typical modification preparation because, instead of coding customizations, you draw them using a low-code application designer. Thus, you can keep the IFS core free of modifications.

But Novacura Flow is not only a low-code platform – equipped with 50+ connectors to various systems and technologies, it can be used as an integration platform for IFS. Moreover, it could help you orchestrate business processes operating as a process layer for your IFS.

Evergreen ERP strategy, image by Novacura

Prepared for Evergreen:

Clean ERP architecture without modifications

With Novacura Flow, customers can keep their customizations outside of the ERP system and instead implement them as low-code applications.

This strategy is also maintained when we develop applications as a part of the AMS services. Thanks to that, the development of customizations is more effective, we are not limited by ERP constraints, and the ERP core stays clean without modifications. This clean architecture is key for an "evergreen ERP strategy".

IFS solutions for industries, image by Novacura

Industry expertise:

Our Industry orientation

We believe that only a combination of technical skills and specialized industry knowledge brings real value to customers.

Thanks to hundreds of delivered projects, our consultants can advise our customers in selected industries. This makes communication with our support team more convenient for the customer as they do not need to clarify industry-specific terms and our team understands the challenges and business goals of our customers.

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