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Every ERP upgrade project consists of various steps – from a ground-level technical upgrade to tasks that require a deep understanding of the business. But the most challenging part is the upgrade of modifications. The identification of these customizations is a problem itself. But then companies must decide which one to keep, and which could be replaced by new features. After that, the chosen ones must be recreated one by one in the new ERP version.

This happens every time a company wants to upgrade its ERP. Therefore, the problem with modifications often postpones upgrades.

In Novacura we have a better approach to upgrades that helps companies avoid these problems!

Our Unique Approach:

We use Novacura Flow, our low-code platform as a part of upgrade projects. This versatile platform can help us effectively recreate modifications, fill in missing functionalities in the new ERP version, and efficiently integrate the new version with other systems. This all happens while keeping the ERP core without modifications, which has a great positive impact on future upgrades.

Below we present how Novacura Flow can help you effectively go through the IFS upgrade project.

Our methodology - key facts:

Avoid ERP modifications and keep the core clean

In a typical approach, when companies want to upgrade the ERP, they face the following problems: it is hard to identify all "hundred" tiny modifications prepared over time, all these modifications must be evaluated, some must be replaced, and the majority must be recreated in the new ERP version!

We implement the vast majority of modifications as ERP applications in the Novacura Flow platform. Thanks to that we eliminate modifications from IFS. We keep all of them separately (now in the form of a low-code app). It gives you a clear overview - it is much easier to identify and maintain all modifications when they all are in one platform.

Recreate modifications in an effective way

A typical ERP customization is complicated and takes time. In our approach, we use Novacura Flow – a low-code platform, where everyone can create ERP applications way faster than by modifying the ERP. In Flow Designer, you create applications by drawing them like business processes. This also gives you the possibility to involve business people in the development. They will easily understand the logic of the application, meaning you would be able to meet business expectations quickly and precisely.

Be Ready for IFS Cloud Evergreen

The challenges with having ERP modifications look literally the same in all upgrades. Companies must create the evidence, do the same analysis, and recreate modifications each time they upgrade to a newer version. In 2021, IFS announced IFS Cloud and introduced a new evergreen strategy. With that, IFS promised to release a new IFS Cloud version twice a year! It could mean the same struggle with modifications every 6 months – but it doesn’t have to…

We promote our “Modifications free ERP” philosophy to keep the IFS core without modifications. Then, when a new IFS version comes, companies don’t have to recreate modifications – they simply reconnect their Novacura Flow applications (with minor adjustments).

Untangle integration spaghetti

ERP Integration is usually a huge part of an ERP implementation project and brings many challenges. We use Novacura Flow to create an integration layer between IFS systems and 3-rd party systems. This approach has 2 apparent advantages. Firstly, Novacura Flow is equipped with 50+ connectors to various business systems and technologies. Thus, we can use them and connect to the most popular systems without technical risks. Secondly, this integration layer keeps the IT architecture clear and eliminates the "integration spaghetti" effect.

Complete missing functionalities

All new ERP versions bring changes. Among all the positive changes there are always some negative effects of the new versions. ERP vendors might promote new modules so they can deprecate old features. Sometimes, when a new revolutionary ERP version is written using entirely new technology, missing functionalities become more visible, even if it could be understood…

The revolutionary IFS Cloud changes a lot, some elements are replaced by new ones, and there are also missing functionalities when compared to the previous version. Novacura Flow can help fill in these gaps by building applications that imitate disappeared functions.

Connect legacy systems to IFS Cloud despite the OData API

With IFS Cloud, IFS introduced an all-new API. The old API, based on PL/SQL packages and functions, is now replaced with cloud-ready, stateless OData API. The problem is that the old API is now deprecated and companies are pushed to use the new one. The new OData technology can be a serious problem for old legacy systems which are integrated with previous IFS versions. Novacura Flow solves this type of problem by acting as an “Integration gateway”. Thanks to our dedicated IFS OData connector, we can easily integrate with IFS Cloud and our other 50+ connectors would help us translate the communication with the legacy systems.

Learn how to use the Odata API

The new IFS Cloud OData API is a revolution. Even experts very familiar with the previous PL/SQL methods can get confused with the new OData "projections” and "endpoints”. So a deep knowledge of OData is needed to adjust all the satellite systems to the new API! Novacura can help experts improve their OData competencies. Our dedicated OData connector uses no-code philosophy, where you can choose API functions from a directory. The connector will also control the syntax of all API calls at the development time! In addition, the number of OData components in our Marketplace is constantly growing. Experts can treat them as great examples of use in the context of popular business cases.

Upgrade service deliverables:


  1. IFS core upgraded
  2. IFS system’s configuration uplifted
  3. Data migrated to the new version
  4. Novacura Flow installed (optional)
  5. Modifications replaced by Novacura Flow apps
  6. Integration with 3rd parties established (with Novacura Flow)
  7. Users trained


and more…


  1. Project management documentation (plans, protocols, and other artifacts)
  2. AS-IS Modifications Evidence
  3. Modifications TO-BE design
  4. Tests documentation (plans, protocols)
  5. Functional specification – for Novacura Flow apps and integrations
  6. Training materials


and more…



  • What are the known limitations?
  • How to deal with the OData API?
  • What to take into consideration when planning the upgrade?
  • Which strategy to choose – migrate to IFS Cloud directly or indirectly via IFS Applications 10?
  • And more...

Listen to the webinar to determine which strategy would suit you best, and how to better prepare for an upgrade to IFS Cloud!

Why Novacura:

One versatile partner for years:

Comprehensive range of services

Novacura offers a complete set of services in relation to IFS Applications / IFS Cloud systems. Thanks to that, when choosing Novacura, you get a Partner for years to come. 

We help our customers during the entire ERP lifecycle. We can help them grow with their IFS system, and we can help them optimize the way they use the IFS systems by carrying out "ERP usage efficiency audits". 

Awarded partner:

Gold Channel partner

Novacura has partnered with IFS since 2015.

Our Channel Partner Agreement includes the Nordic region (with the Baltics) where Novacura will Resell and Co-sell IFS Cloud.


Novacura was awarded IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017, 2019 and 2022. An exclusive and honorable status that is only given to the best IFS partners.

Our team:

IFS competencies & experience

Our Service division hires the best IFS consultants you can find in the market. A lot of them have 10+ years of experience in IFS.

They have realized dozens of projects connected to IFS systems – implementations, upgrades and service projects.

Our Teams are located in our offices around the world, so we can be really close to our customers when they need it, and provide cost-effective offshore support whenever it is possible. 

Our predictability:

Mature methodology

The success of our projects is not only based on the skills of an individual consultant. To be able to perform big projects, we must act as one team, where all team members share the same tools and methods, and aim at the same goal. In Novacura we have established the Project Office unit, which establishes our project management methodology and tools. It also controls projects at various stages. With that, all projects are transparent for the entire organization and can be monitored on a regular basis. As a consequence, we achieve predictability of the results and schedule.

Prepared for Evergreen:

Clean ERP architecture without modifications

With the IFS Cloud version, IFS introduced the "evergreen" strategy for IFS systems. IFS ends a previous versioning philosophy (v7, v8 .. v10), where new versions were announced once every few years. Now IFS promised to release a new IFS Cloud version twice a year! But this also brings challenges to customers: companies must be prepared to upgrade their modifications much more often!

With Novacura Flow, customers can keep their customizations outside of the ERP, as low-code applications. Then, when the need for an upgrade comes, they simply "reconnect" Flow applications to the new IFS version, without porting them.

Industry expertise:

Our Solutions for industries

We believe, that only a combination of both technical skills and specialized industry knowledge brings real value to our customers.

Thanks to hundreds of delivered projects, our consultants can now advise our customers in relation to their specific industries.

In addition, we've prepared end-to-end software solutions for specific industries. These solutions utilize the potential of combining IFS and the Novacura Flow platform.  


Osten Westman, sales director at Novacura

Östen Westman

Solution Expert

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