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Novacura Marketplace


Your source of ERP applications and pre-built application components


Ready-made applications for your ERP that give you innovative insights and speed up the solution-to-delivery time. Once subscribed, you can download the applications directly and import them into your Novacura Flow studio environment and customize them as you like.

Key information about OUR Marketplace:

Customize your ERP system with Flow Marketplace, image by Novacura

Get direct access to some of our most requested applications

We are constantly developing our library of ready-to-use applications as well as the library of components – application fragments that can be used and modified within our customers’ applications. The best part is that once an application is downloaded it can be modified and copied by the customer as many times as needed.

Benefit from the next generation low-code

With Novacura Flow you don’t have to create your applications from scratch. Utilize our constantly growing library of applications or application components ("snippets") as a good starting point for your individual ERP app. Use an app or snippet as an example if you're trying a specific ERP API for the first time, or when you're trying to connect to a new device. 

Examples of application areas

On the Novacura Marketplace, you will find applications that support the following process areas:

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Service / Field Services
  • Administration
  • Human Resources

... and more!

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the Novacura Marketplace and how does it work?

    The Novacura Marketplace is an App store that helps our customers get more value from their Novacura Flow purchase by providing immediate access to some of our most requested Applications.

  • How often will Applications be added or updated?

    As new versions of Novacura Flow, IFS or Infor M3 are released, Novacura Labs will make every effort to update the Applications in the subscription with the new APIs.

  • How are the Marketplace Applications priced?

    A Marketplace account and subscription are needed in order to download Applications in the subscription library. In the future, free and paid Applications will also be available to active Marketplace members.

  • How do I know if an application is compatible with my environment?

    The compatibility details for each Application will be listed under the Details tab of that page and will represent the Novacura Flow version(s), the IFS version(s) or Infor M3 version(s) that the publisher has verified and tested the Application for.

  • How do I sign-up for the Marketplace?

    If you are interested in joining or subscribing, please contact your Novacura Sales Representative or contact us here.

  • How can I share an idea for an Application that I would like to have developed?

    Active Marketplace users can share ideas for new Applications or enhancements on the Marketplace Idea Wall.

*For a full list of questions and answers, please visit our FAQ.

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