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Novacura Flow®

Novacura Flow makes it easy to build powerful, user-friendly enterprise applications. Turn your business processes into powerful applications that improve efficiency and work on every device. With Novacura Flow, your business is virtually future-proof.

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Business systems are powerful, but complicated. Novacura’s ERP consultants are experts in business systems, and we can help you get more value out of your ERP investment. We know the technology, we know the applications and we know the business. 

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Eva Söderlund“Novacura has been boosting our operations for many years with support within areas where we ourselves lack certain expertise or resources.”

Eva Söderlund, Business Solutions Manager at Anticimex

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Novacura Flow

The low-code platform for business process management

Great user experience

Happy people are more efficient. It is a basic rule. That’s why we put a lot of effort in creating the best possible user experience. No matter who you are, where you work or what you do, we believe that it should be really, really simple to work with Novacura Flow.

Simple-yet-powerful apps

Our low-code platform Flow Studio helps you build powerful, integrated applications with all the business logic you need. Create re-usable components to make it even faster to build new applications. Publish new or updated applications to all users, on all devices, with just one click!

Single-task apps

Build easy-to-use, yet powerful and intelligent apps for any business task. In just hours you make apps for goods arrival, time reporting, work orders, quality assurance, or anything else you need. Directly integrated with your ERP systems.

Barcode scanning

Novacura Flow has fully featured scanning support for Android, iOS and Windows CE. Use devices with built-in laser scanners, Bluetooth scanners or even the camera on your smart phone.

Multi-user process apps

Create powerful, collaborative process applications that are uniquely built to support how you want to work. Include everyone needed to deliver customer value, from supplier to employees to customers.

Notifications & inboxes

Create an interactive and organized working environment for any user. Divide incoming tasks in different inboxes and send push notifications when there is something new to do!

Smarter integrations

Use the Novacura Connectors to connect your systems and business processes together. We have more than 30 ready-to-use connectors available: REST, SOAP, API and more. You can even build and wrap your own connectors to Flow!

Naturally mobile

It’s not a question of whether you should work mobile or not: it’s a question of how you’re going to make it happen. Take full advantage of our native clients for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Embedded. Incorporate cameras, maps, scanners or GPS coordinates into your workflows – and help people be more efficient!

No signal? No problem.

Remote locations and iffy network connections are no problem with Novacura Flow. You can work as offline as you want (or need) to. Whether it’s a temporary glitch or weekly offline periods, you can depend on your Flow apps to keep working.

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ERP solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


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Connect your ERP to your MES and other systems to create workflows and processes that are extremely powerful and deceptively simple. That improve product quality and traceability while cutting down on scrap. All you need is Flow.

ERP solutions for the logistics industry


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Imagine a warehouse where the reality is in sync with your systems. Where everything is mobile and 100% accurate. We can help you to use your creativity to design and realize your warehouse processes exactly as you want them.

ERP solutions for the field service industry

Field Service

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Get rid of paper forms and make your field service business truly mobile—even offline. Our field service workflow solutions help your technicians improve first-time fix rates, be more efficient and provide better service.

ERP solutions for engineering and construction

Engineering & Construction

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Flow helps you manage both projects and processes through every stage of construction. Build steered workflows that ensure tasks are done right the first time—and that you’re collecting the right data every step of the way.

Featured cases

  • Stadium logo

Novacura Flow improves Stadium’s e-commerce processes

When Stadium decided to develop its system support for its ever-growing e-commerce business, the company looked for a solution that would save time above all else. The chosen solution was Novacura Flow, which quickly led to efficiency improvements of more than 30 percent.

  • BW offshore logo

Flow strengthens BW Offshore’s in-house development

BW Offshore is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of floating production services to the oil and gas industry. They were looking for software that could ensure data communication between ships and land, and they found Flow.

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We’re experts at designing custom solutions to fit every type of business, in every industry. Talk to us today and find out if Novacura Flow is right for you.

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