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low-code dedicated to expanding ERP systems


A perfect mix


Novacura Flow is a versatile software suite that helps modify and widely expand ERP systems. Novacura Flow is basically a low-code platform, where customers can build their own ERP applications by simply drawing them in a specific app designer. But Novacura Flow goes beyond the low-code definition, and it also offers business process management (BPM) capabilities and connectivity features typically reserved for integration platforms.

It all, together with end-user applications that run on every device and the library of industry applications available on the Novacura Marketplace, makes Novacura Flow the most complete software package to eliminate the limitations of ERP systems.


Discover our capabilities:

Novacura Flow offers endless flexibility in customization, photo by Novacura

ERP applications builder with low-code philosophy

In our low-code platform, all applications are created in a specific application designer (Novacura Flow Studio). Instead of writing lines of code, designers create apps by drawing processes supported by the application. They can also easily communicate with the ERP system by using a dedicated ERP connector. Then, with just one click, they can publish the application for the end-users so that users can use it on different devices.

With Novacura Flow IFS Cloud works on all devices without losing functionality, photo bu Novacura

User interface for every type of user

Applications created in Novacura Flow can be run on any device type: mobile phones, tablets, and desktops (as a web-based application). It can even be used on barcode scanners. Our mobile user interface is simple and optimised to be clicked a thousand times per hour (i.e. to report logistic operations). In parallel, Novacura Flow offers a sophisticated web-portal interface, that is perfect for presenting dashboards, reports or performing complex operations like planning and scheduling.

Novacura Flow supports many low-code features supporting the most demanding industries, photo by Novacura

Dedicated features supporting the most demanding industries

The typical low-code / BPM platforms are designed to mainly support business processes that exist in offices - like invoice acceptance, agreement flow, procurement, or support request processing. Novacura Flow goes beyond the air-conditioned offices. It offers specific features (like barcodes support, offline mode, and mobile printing) so it can easily act in a warehouse, on a shop floor, or in a field.

Business process management is easy with Novacura Flow, image by Novacura

Business process management (BPM)

Novacura Flow applications are created in a graphical way. All application steps (user interaction, data operations, connectivity with other systems etc.) are connected in a workflow, that represents a business process. Novacura Flow can be used as a process layer for the ERP and can control complex processes that involve different people, systems, and various modules of the ERP. It also helps you optimize processes by gathering stats and measuring them.

Deep ERP Integration

Novacura Flow is not just another low-code platform. Our primary design assumption is that it must work seamlessly with the most popular ERP systems. Novacura Flow is equipped with dedicated ERP connectors, that use only official ERP APIs to get access to ERP data and functions offered by ERP. These connectors can be easily configured and used in applications created in Novacura Flow.

Novacura Flow helps integrate ERP system, photo by Novacura

Integration platform capabilities

Novacura Flow can act as an integration platform. It is equipped with 50+ connectors to the most popular business systems, cloud platforms and cloud services. Thanks to that, Novacura Flow applications can orchestrate the integration between multiple systems. Moreover, each Novacura Flow application can be called by an external system as a web-service – so Novacura Flow can act as a service bus.

Enjoy low-code benefits with Novacura Flow technology bridge for ERP, image by Novacura

Technology bridge for the ERP

Novacura Flow can be used as a bridge to the latest technologies for the ERP system. It offers connectivity to cloud services like Artificial intelligence (AI), Document recognition, Computer vision, or Augmented reality. It also supports physical equipment integration, which is important for specific industries. It can be connected to gauges, machines, robots or vehicles.

Customize your ERP system with Flow Marketplace, image by Novacura

Library of applications and componens

Novacura Flow Is a next-generation low-code platform, where you don’t need to create applications from scratch. Thanks to the marketplace, you get the access to dozens of ERP applications prepared to meet your industry needs. You can also use these apps as great examples on how to interact with the ERP or other systems. It all helps IT quicker react on the needs that come from the business!

Avoid ERP modifications

Thanks to the deep ERP integration, you can treat Novacura Flow as an alternative user interface for the ERP. You can implement all additional requirements for the ERP as Novacura Flow applications, and keep ERP free of modifications. It gives you better evidence of “customizations” and you will not need to recreate modifications when upgrading ERP. This really helps implement the “evergreen ERP” strategy.


Popular ERP systems have one common problem: they try to be equally good for all companies.

We know, that each company is unique and needs specific solutions.

With Novacura Flow, you can create your specific ERP applications that will expand the standard capabilities of your ERP system.


Novacura Flow is dedicated for mid-size and large companies and usually supports critical processes (like production, logistics or service). It couldn’t play that important role in our Customer’s organizations without appropriate support from Novacura.

We help our customers design and implement their first solutions and applications, we offer complete package of Application Management Services (AMS) that may include solution support, technical administration, monitoring and development services. For those customers that want to build apps independently, we offer training and certification services.

And – of course – Novacura Flow can be offered in a SaaS model, where all necessary IT infrastructure and IT administration is managed by Novacura.


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