Most ERP users who are not already in the Cloud are likely considering migration. We’ve consulted our top experts to understand why upgrading is worth it, what the best strategies are, and how to plan the entire project.

In our new series of webinars, we focus on upgrading to IFS Cloud, aiming to highlight all the pros and cons of the process.

Join us and embark on a journey of IFS cloud upgrade


In the webinar series, we explore the landscape of major ERP players. The cloud has become the primary focus, with SAP, IFS, Microsoft, and others adopting cloud solutions.

In this opening episode, our experts Łukasz Majer, Lars Steen and Östen Westman dive deep into the world of ERP, sharing invaluable insights on the benefits of migrating to IFS Cloud, market trends, and the compelling reasons for cloud adoption.

Drawing on over 50 IFS projects, we highlight the evolution of ERP systems into the cloud era, emphasizing that it’s not just a trend but a strategic shift embraced by the industry.  But the journey to the cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all narrative.

We learn that IFS entered the cloud realm in 2021, a strategic move occurring five years after some of its competitors. However, this timing offers IFS a unique advantage – the ability to learn from early adopters and fine-tune their approach.   

As the conversation deepens, our experts address the origins of the cloud revolution, acknowledging pioneers like Salesforce and NetSuite, and elaborat on why ERP systems, despite being more complex, have been latecomers to the cloud journey.   

So, if you’re contemplating an ERP cloud upgrade or just keen on understanding the dynamics of this transformative shift, join us in this series as we navigate the cloud landscape! 

It’s not just about technology; it’s about a strategic move that could reshape the way your business operates in the digital era.   


Novacura is thrilled to present a series of five insightful webinars designed for clients interested in an IFS Cloud upgrade project. The series will consist of 5 webinars, where our experts are going to take you through the entire upgrade process.

You will learn:

  1. Why is it worth upgrading?…
  2. What are the possible upgrade strategies?
  3. What are observed challenges and proposed solutions? (Technical)
  4. What are observed challenges and proposed solutions? (Organizational)
  5. How to plan the IFS Upgrade project?

Join us for the webinar series! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of the IFS Cloud upgrade process.