We’re a proud partner of IFS and grateful for the time they spend getting to know us. IFS published an interview with Östen Westman, Sales Director of Business Solutions regarding Novacura, IFS and his thoughts on IFS Cloud.

Novacura is a long-time partner who has worked with IFS since the start, back in 2005. Since many of our employees has an IFS background, it’s been a natural choice of partnership, says Östen Westman.

What's unique about Novacura?

In the interview, IFS wants to know what’s unique about Novacura. A question not easy to answer shortly but described in a good way by Östen who highlights the combination of the great mix of people of Noavcura with strong process skills and the actual product we can offer. In Novacura we have a lot of knowledge that we gladly share with our customers, especially when it comes to IFS. With this combination, we’re able to provide our customers with a unique capability. Our own platform, Novacura FLOW can work as a BPM platform, adding a flexible process layer to the IFS ERP. The result is that Novacura offers freedom to the customers and with the great people we have, Östen implies that we as a result of that mostly have long-lasting partnerships with customers.

This makes us relevant for scenarios such as new ERP implementations, upgrades and solution development"
Östen Westman
Novacura, Sales Director of Business Solutions

Advice for IFS Customers considering a journey to the cloud

In the interview, Östen answers questions involving, among other things, advice for IFS Customers considering a journey to the cloud.

The best advice often used by Novacure is to ask our customers to question their current and future state. In this way, they can use a new perspective to focus on what they want to be possible with a cloud platform. The importance of digital solutions becomes clear when realizing that most boundaries, that exist because of limited information access, are removed.

By challenging the current view on a customer solution, process, or specific function, we can eliminate unnecessary modifications and increase the level of automation in the processes.
Östen Westman
Novacura, Sales Director of Business Solutions

He also states that the Novacura customers should be, in general, better prepared for IFS Cloud thanks to our low-code platform Novacura FLOW. This makes it’s easier to avoid modification and complex configurations in the IFS software.

Why Novacura complies with IFS

Östen describes the values of Novacura and how those align with IFS:

We believe in freedom for our customers related to allowing them to define their own processes, integrate with any system and enable them on any device whenever they need. And I think the “freedom to choose” is also an important element for IFS.
Östen Westman
Novacura, Sales Director of Business Solutions

To summarize the interview, we’re a proud partner to IFS and believe that Novacura and IFS can do great things and challenge customers to be better and not limit themselves.

Read the full interview on IFS blog portal.

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