Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) for IFS ERP

Expand your ERP with our ready-to-use WMS solution covering all warehouse processes.

Efficient user interface optimized for thousands operations per day
Easy to modify and expand: you can customize everything and even build new apps for new processes
ERP integrated: real-time data immediately visible in your IFS


The Warehouse Management complete solution for IFS ERP system consists of dozens of mobile applications that can reduce errors and increase the productivity of warehouse operations. Because these applications are prepared as ERP extensions, they can be easily turned on and immediately improve your processes without complicated and time-consuming implementation. It is possible because all the necessary IFS ERP integration is available out of the box.


Our solution - key capabilities

Below we present example features offered by our Warehouse Management extensions for IFS ERP:

Improve data-entry efficiency with barcodes and RFID​

Novacura WMS Package supports two industrial standards especially important in logistics and manufacturing. Users can scan barcodes from any package, asset, or location. This ability is available automatically - each input field in the mobile application offers the possibility to scan the data instead of typing it by using the keyboard. The application can also be integrated with RFID gates and automatically track information about parts and finished goods moved inside the inventory.

Print, scan and manage labels directly from the ERP application​

Our WMS package is integrated with the labeling systems – Loftware (previously NiceLabel) and BarTender. Our mobile applications can initiate the label printing process and feed the label system with all necessary data. This operation can be done as one of the regular process steps meaning the user doesn't have to care about labels in a separate tool. This integration is bi-directional, which means that the warehouse solution understands all the information encoded on labels.

Use handling units

Our solution uses a flexible mechanism to organize materials, components and parts stored in packages. Users can define a whole hierarchy of packages (called "handling units") – where the smaller package can be stored in a bigger package, and this can be stored on a pallet. And so on... These handling units can then be used to easily move all embedded inventory goods from one location to another, to the shop floor, or to the shipment zone. Therefore, instead of moving single items, users move entire packages, which has a huge impact on warehouse operations efficiency.

Optimize picking paths

Picking different materials and components for production might be complicated – warehouse operators have to gather different elements spread out across the entire inventory. And since they operate in a “JIT” environment, they are under time pressure.

Our solution optimizes the picking path based on the location, weight, further unloading sequence, or even expiration date of particular goods. This means that the warehouseman doesn’t have to go “back and forth” to complete the picking list.

Integrate with the inventory equipment (with iIoT)

Novacura WMS package (powered by Novacura Flow technology) can be integrated with iIoT machinery, equipment and other devices that operate in a warehouse. A typical example where this connectivity may be used is the integration with industrial scales. The weight information can be used to double-check the delivered package, to count materials that return from the shop floor (i.e. the length of the cable), or to verify the contents of the package prepared for shipment. This weight can be automatically read from the scale and the number of goods (or its size) can be then automatically determined.  

Pick by voice

Novacura WMS package can be integrated with the “pick-by-voice” technology. With that solution, the warehouseman can listen to the instructions in his headset, having free hands to perform physical operations (which has a huge impact on efficiency). Then, when the requested operation is completed, the warehouseman can confirm it using his natural voice (thanks to the microphone and voice recognition technology). This capability can also be used to perform inventory counting or report anomalies.

Manage your deliveries and shipments

Novacura WMS package is not only limited to supporting the core inventory operations. It also offers support for supplies/delivery management and is used to manage the shipment of goods to customers.

You can use B2B Portal to confirm the delivery schedule with your suppliers and book a suitable time-slot and a free ramp for unloading! It can also be integrated with external transportation exchange systems (like PaceJet) and helps you find an optimal transport method for your shipment.

Recognize your supplier’s codification

Typically, when delivery comes from a supplier, delivered goods are identified by codes according to the supplier’s codification system. These codes must be mapped on the internal coding system that is used within a company for all the goods. Our solution can support multiple codifications for the same goods and can automatically recognize foreign codes and map it onto internal codes.

Integrate with other departments

The ultimate benefit of using our WMS package is that this can be connected with other packages, that support other divisions in the company – quality inspection, production, procurement, maintenance and more. Thanks to that, a warehouseman can pick materials based on the material request issued by the production planning specialist that uses another element of the Novacura package. Or, broken components reported by the shop floor operator can immediately invoke additional internal transportation that will bring the correct components right to the work center.

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82 Functional + 84 Non-Functional WMS Requirements, directly connected with the warehouse processes in large and medium business. Adapt for your needs, evaluate vendors & more. Novacura – Trusted by 220+ Companies.


Awarded IFS channel partner:

Novacura is a Gold Channel Partner to IFS. Our Channel Partner Agreement includes the Nordic region (with the Baltics). We deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers. We sell IFS licenses (all different licensing variants) together with all implementation services. This can be done as a part of one consistent agreement. With that, our customers have one point of contact, no matter if they want to talk about their IFS system or the performance of services.


Our presence in the IFS world


Novacura has been partnered with IFS since 2015

Novacura was awarded IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017 and 2019 and 2022, an exclusive and honorable status only given to the best IFS partners.


Let the numbers speak for themselves


Novacura has been working with IFS since 2005. We have implemented IFS Applications (in various versions, including IFS Cloud) for 150+ happy customers. We have realized 500+ projects related to IFS systems (implementation, service, upgrade projects etc.). We now have 70+ highly skilled consultants, and we implement IFS in 9 countries…



ERP extensions that are fast to implement

Our Novacura WMS Package is built on a strong foundation: it must be easy and fast to implement! We created it as a package of ERP extensions that are dedicated to working with the most popular ERPs (such as IFS, Infor, SAP). With that approach, you can turn them on and start using them. The ERP integration (that is usually the most complicated part) is prepared “out-of-the-box”.

The true benefit of the ERP extensions philosophy is that when you implement these applications, it doesn’t affect surrounding ERP processes – all ERP users will still see all warehouse operations (performed in Novacura) in the ERP, as they used to see them before!  

An iterative approach, no revolution needed

Novacura WMS solution offers various applications to support and optimize warehouse operations. As these apps are prepared as ERP extensions, they share the same source of information: the ERP database. As a result, you don’t have to implement all of them at once. If you don’t want to implement some applications in the 1st phase, the standard ERP functionality will still be used instead of them. So you can add them later when the first package of process changes is adopted by your organization.


Process of ERP modification using Novacura Flow, photo by Novacura

Ready for future changes thanks to the low-code core!

Every company is different from the others. You might have specific processes and require unique features, and we are ready for that! Our WMS Package is based on the low-code platform Novacura Flow. It means that all our applications are not hard-coded. Our customers can modify them or clone them and create variants. And they can build their own applications. And thanks to the low-code engine, they can create apps by drawing them like they draw a business process.


Detailed list of features:

Below we summarize the list of areas supported by Novacura WMS package:


Suppliers / delivery management​

  • Stock level management
  • Purchase orders management within B2B portal (EDI support)
  • Delivery management within B2B portal (JIT system support)
  • Double-codification for goods delivered from suppliers - ability to use external labels / codes
  • Financial settlements with suppliers within B2B portal 
  • Integrated carrier communication within B2B portal


Internal logistics / production support​

  • Material requisition processing
  • On-demand material delivery orders processing
  • Order picking optimization (picking paths optimization, strategies support FIFO, FEFO, LIFO)
  • Transportation management for the shop floor (trolleys configuration & delivery route management and planning)
  • External inventory usage optimization (delivery time transport duration, production returns management)​​


Finished goods / shipment​

  • Finished goods storage​​
  • Shipment planning​ and confirmation with customers (B2B Portal)
  • Transportation management, planning (schedulling / adhoc – premium freight)​​
  • Transportation preparation control (packing, loading, warehouse dock and ramp allocation)
  • Transportation costs optimizations (route planning, post-analysis)


Inventory management

  • Material and component storage
  • Traceability, batch / LOT identification on every stage
  • Handling unit management
  • Material movements (inside inventory/ cross-inventory)
  • Inventory counting ("on the fly" cycle counting / periodical)
  • Aging stock and scrap management
  • Locations management (virtual locations, cross-inventory operations)


Returnable packaging management

  • Packages pool planning based on production demand
  • Packages in a loop monitoring​​
  • Package damage reporting
  • Packages picking / packaging-sets completing from the shop floor​​
  • Constant packaging quantity control within B2B Portal
  • Track & Trace back and forth packaging among distribution center, suppliers and customers


Common technology support​

  • B2B Portals (connecting suppliers, customers)
  • Deep ERP integration - dedicated to working with ERP systems as ERP extensions
  • Machines Integration (industrial IoT)
  • EDI integration
  • RFID gates integration 
  • Barcodes / QR Codes support
  • Pick-by-voice technology support
  • Computer vision (for visual inspections, truck plates recognition, documents processing) 


Fredrik Rosendahl

Solution consultant

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