Manufacturing processes require continuous improvement, which is closely linked to warehouse management and product distribution. All internal processes in the manufacturing industry depend heavily on the efficiency of employees and the software systems in use. Companies that produce high-quality products understand the significance of these factors. A lack of improvements in these areas can result in low productivity, ongoing customer dissatisfaction, and rising costs.

Novacura solution for manufacturing

In order to streamline production processes and internal logistics, companies are eager to establish greater autonomy within their existing systems. This approach involves expanding the capabilities of the ERP system with mobile solutions to manage internal operations.

Novacura Flow is an example of a comprehensive software solution that enables users to create manageable applications directly linked to the ERP system. With this type of solution, customers can meet the demands of the manufacturing industry.

Inventory management solution for Nolato Cerbo

Nolato Cerbo, a Swedish company that specializes in developing medical solutions and manufacturing complex product systems and components within the medical technology sector, along with advanced packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, operates in over 10 countries. The company has experienced significant production growth over the past few decades, characterized by high customer satisfaction worldwide.

Nolato Cerbo has been using Novacura Flow software for nearly a decade. During this period, the company has successfully addressed many common challenges in their industry. Novacura had the opportunity to speak with the Head of IT at Nolato Cerbo, Per Boensson, and their conversation highlighted significant areas for improvement in their production and warehousing processes.

Improving the quality and warehousing

Before the implementation of Novacura Flow in Nolato Cerbo’s operations, the company encountered several issues, including:

  1. ERP gaps: The IFS ERP system could not adequately cover all of their operational requirements.
  2. Warehouse errors: Errors in tasks related to warehouse relocations, stock control, or disposals in production were impacting picking lists and reporting.
  3. Time vs. manual operations: Manual warehouse tasks were time-consuming and often not executed with the expected level of accuracy.
  4. Paperwork: The extensive amount of printed documentation was affecting warehouse personnel, resulting in reduced productivity.

To address these challenges and seek improvements in these areas, Nolato Cerbo made the decision to find a software solution that could enhance the capabilities of their ERP system, allowing them to operate with fewer limitations.

When we moved to IFS, our goal was to reduce all side systems that contain data and have as much as just goes into the business system. We also had a lot of manual routines with forms etc. that we updated directly in IFS. We immediately had some flows that we saw problems with managing such as our business looked then.
Per Boensson
Nolato Cerbo, IT Manager

Mobile solution for inventory and manufacturing

Nolato Cerbo collaborated with Novacura to develop a range of solutions. Among these solutions, the company created its own mobile applications designed for warehouse personnel with various purposes.

In Production we also did Disposal and Warehouse relocation from paper notes and entered data manually in IFS and other systems – often by people that wasn´t especially computer savvy – and in Flow we could create workflows instead and connect them to underlying systems and also steer the process in just one simple user interface.
Per Boensson
Nolato Cerbo, IT Manager

Nolato Cerbo employs a variety of devices in its operations, including Android scanners, PCs, and iPads, to facilitate both mobile and stationary tasks. Here are some instances of operational challenges that Nolato Cerbo has addressed:

  1. Product in Production: They use an application for tasks related to warehousing, disposal, and relocations during the production process.

  2. Warehouse Operations: All tasks within the warehouse, such as relocation, picking, and inventory control, are efficiently managed using mobile applications.

  3. Tool Department: An application helps keep track of the status and location of tools, enhancing operational efficiency.

  4. Quality Control: They have an application that generates customer certificates, extracting information related to shipping and deliveries to ensure quality standards.

Here are some examples of applications used by Nolato Cerbo:

The application allows for comprehensive stock management, including necessary stock transfers and order preparation. All data is automatically exchanged with the ERP system.

Picture shows our new flows for maintenance (Service order and Rounds).

Values and Benefits

Nolato Cerbo has enhanced its daily operations in several ways, thanks to the implementation of a solution supported by handheld scanners and mobile software. These improvements have led to:

  1. Reduced Manual Labor and Errors: This has resulted in significant time savings and a decrease in errors.

  2. Fewer System Transactions: Warehouse personnel can now focus more proactively on transactions visible directly from their assigned applications, reducing the number of system transactions.

  3. Flexible System Configuration: Operational teams can implement new transactions for the ERP system without requiring extensive programming adjustments. Novacura Flow allows them to create new workflows to address ERP system gaps.

  4. Shortened Training Duration: The process’s complexity is now more straightforward for new personnel to follow. Key system transactions are performed with user-friendly mobile applications.

  5. Improved Reporting: Administrative personnel can coordinate tasks more efficiently with easy access to comprehensive reports.

  6. Transparent User Interface: The interface is user-friendly for both PC and mobile users in the warehouse. It’s fully integrated, ensuring all users can see each other’s transactions and options.

We have grown quite significantly every year since I started in 1993, and even more every year since we started focusing on packaging for the pharmaceutical industry in 2008. And the information has increased in quantities so I doubt if we actually would have managed the growth without Flow.
Per Boensson
Nolato Cerbo, IT Manager


Novacura has cultivated a valuable customer relationship with Nolato Cerbo for nearly a decade. Nolato Cerbo’s adoption of Novacura Flow software has led to increased operational efficiency.

At Novacura, we prioritize understanding our customers’ needs and tailoring solutions to fit their unique business requirements. With our proven track record in various industries, we can swiftly provide the right support for your operational needs. We assist our clients in meeting the minimum hurdle rate for ROI requirements. If you seek an experienced partner to enhance your processes and operations, Novacura is the ideal choice for your business. Get in touch with us today to discover the substantial impact we can make on your business.