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During FLOW Portal training you will enter the world of Novacura Portal2. Join us to discover the art of data visualization and how to initiate flow applications directly from the portal. Plus, discover the versatility of our low-code drag-and-drop elements, creating dynamic dashboards for a wide range of business functions. Get ready to unleash the potential of Novacura Portal2 during this interactive training!

Training introduction:

Basic information

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Online (Ms Teams)

Language: English

For whom: Flow Developers

Level: Basic

Materials: Digital (PowerPoint) and exercises (Word)

Required skills

You don't need any technical expertise to successfully complete the training. However, having a basic grasp of databases and some familiarity with SQL queries can be advantageous and enhance your learning experience.


Training environment

We want to support you! Novacura will configure the necessary Novacura FLOW Server environment and database, all conveniently hosted in the cloud.


During the training, we will use the amazing version 2 of the Flow portal. To take full advantage of its capabilities, all you need is a trusted computer with Novacura FLOW Studio and MS Teams installed.


Oh, and don't forget to bring along a reliable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps to ensure smooth training. We are excited to learn and grow together!


The training will cover following topics:

  • Understanding of filters and listeners
  • Introduction to Flow and Portal
  • General settings (e.g. Presentation mode, List of Values)
  • Introduction to most portlets
  • Limitations and advantages of the Portal vs other BI tools


The Training will consist of the theoretical information as well as of practical exercises performed by students



Date   2nd Date  Training  Region Trainer
November 3rd December 8th Portal 2 US Ben Meissner
November 10th December 8th Portal 2 Europe Per Oster
November 10th   Portal 2 Asia


$400 or €350 per person for one day of training.

Don't hesitate to join our training courses. You will get access to knowledge and comprehensive support from fellow professionals.

What will you know after the training?


Want to see how Novacura can make your business become more efficient? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Directions to all our offices are found further down on this page.



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