We’ve built a Marketplace to give you direct access to some of our most requested apps. Get even more value from your Novacura Flow purchase with ready-to-use apps for IFS that provide you with innovative insights and speed up solution-to-delivery time.

With a low-cost subscription starting at just $1,500 a month, you can gain access to the entire subscription library. That’s a growing list of over 50 apps for IFS geared towards HR, Service, Maintenance and Warehouse Management.

Once subscribed, you can download the apps directly from the Marketplace, import them into your Novacura Flow studio environment and customize them as you’d like.

It’s an entirely new way to experience Novacura Flow and we’d love for you to give it a try! We’ll even give you a 30% discount on your subscription if you sign up by July 30th.*

The Novacura Flow beta client is only available on Android, iOS is coming soon.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the apps:

Travel and Expense

Travel and Expense Reporting


The travel and expense reporting Application makes it easy to track expenses, mileage and deductions during your travels and automatically creates an Expense Sheet in IFS for processing.

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Mobile Work Order

Mobile Work Order


Mobile Work Order is an Enterprise Asset and Service Management Application that helps technicians perform maintenance and other service-related activities while in the field.

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Start Warehouse Task



The Start Warehouse Task is one of 29 other Warehouse Management Applications on the Marketplace that helps to automate warehouse data management tasks in IFS using mobile scanners.

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See our entire collection of applications to streamline your operations and much more.

**Frequently Asked Questions and Answers**


  • What is the Novacura Marketplace and how does it work?
    The Novacura Marketplace is an App store that helps our customers get more value from their Novacura Flow purchase by providing immediate access to some of our most requested Applications.
  • How often will Applications be added or updated?
    As new versions of Novacura Flow and IFS are released, Novacura Labs will make every effort to update the Applications in the subscription with the new APIs.
  • How are the Marketplace Applications priced?
    A Marketplace account and subscription are needed in order to download Applications in the subscription library. In the future, free and paid Applications will also be available to active Marketplace members.
  • How do I know if an Application is compatible with my environment?
    The compatibility details for each Application will be listed under the Details tab of that page and will represent the Novacura Flow version(s) and IFS version(s) that the publisher has verified and tested the Application for.
  • How do I sign-up for the Marketplace?
    If you are interested in joining or subscribing to the Marketplace, please contact your Novacura Sales Representative or contact us.
  • How can I share an idea for an Application that I would like developed?
    Active Marketplace users can share ideas for new Applications or enhancements on the Marketplace Idea Wall.

For a full list of questions and answers, please visit our FAQ.