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Novacura Flow is bridging gaps between various ERPs and end-user needs since 2009. Since then we have been assisting more than 150 thousand users and continuously developing Novacura Flow and Portal.

Now, it’s time to introduce a new product, Novacura Flow Connect.

In contrast to Flow Classic (version 6.14, 6.15, and Portal 2), Flow Connect will be our flagship product in the rapidly growing industry of cloud services (e.g., platform-as-a-service), keeping most important funcionalities of on-premise software. 

First customer on Flow Connect is up and running!

We are proud to announce that for the past three months, we have been utilizing Flow Connect within Novacura and testing it as an early adopter. The system is operational, stable, and has been tested by more than 150 active users. We have already observed initial outcomes, leading us to believe that it will bring about a significant change in the Flow ecosystem.

In this blog post, we will outline the upcoming changes that come with Flow Connect and explain how you will benefit from this upgrade.

Six Key Foundations for Flow Connect

Novacura is committed to supporting our clients in transitioning to cloud computing. Our focus is on leveraging the cloud’s capabilities to provide practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Therefore, the future of Novacura Flow is intrinsically tied to the cloud through a new product – Flow Connect. By embracing this shift, we can unlock new levels of efficiency, agility, and scalability.

Our apporche is based on six foundations:

  1. Accessibility: Flow Connect can be accessed from anywhere at any time, providing users the flexibility they need.
  2. Seamless integration: Flow Connect is designed to integrate smoothly with other software and platforms, enhancing its utility and ease of use. With continuous updates, customers will always have access to the latest features and security measures.
  3. Enhanced security: Flow Connect employs advanced security measures and data protection, ensuring the safety of user data.
  4. Scalability: Flow Connect is highly scalable, allowing businesses to grow and expand without worrying about software limitations.
  5. Collaborate: Flow Connect fosters a multi-tenant design-time promoting seamless collaboration. It allows teams to work together in real-time, increasing productivity irrespective of their geographical locations.
  6. Time to value: Flow Connect is designed to expedite innovation. It significantly reduces ‘time to value’, allowing for quicker development and deployment of solutions on our platform, keeping your business agile and ahead of the curve.

Key distinctions between Flow Connect and Flow 6.x

1. More efficient


The solutions we provide for Novacura Flow 6x are single-tenant solutions. Novacura Flow Connect is a multi-tenant version, consistently updated and maintained by our development team. Customers gain access to multiple environments within the Flow Connect environment, and there is no separate installation required for any customer.
Thanks to fully utilizing a cloud architecture, the solution is  scalable in terms of performance. It allows for allocating additional server resources when the platform is under heavier load.

  • With our SaaS solution, we offer Flow Connect as an all-inclusive service. Novacura has a Cloud Ops team that manages the environments, taking care of everything, including: 
    All infrastructure services, which are maintained and kept up to date.
  • Configuring security features such as Front Door, Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Azure Activity Logs.
  • Updates and upgrades.

Novacura Flow Connect enhances collaboration by centralizing the Single Sign-On (SSO) process, allowing users to seamlessly switch between organizations. This is particularly advantageous for partners and customers managing multiple organizations, eliminating the need for intricate navigation across various environments.

2. Centralised administration

Flow Connect Hub replaces traditional studios with a user-centric administration hub. It inherits the most important studio features and adds a new one, especially focusing on listening and user management. It provides a straightforward interface for system administration, allowing users to efficiently manage user permissions, invite collaborators via email, and define access through user groups.


3. Better developer experience (DX)


For developers, Novacura Flow Connect introduces changes to enhance platform functionality. The studio, now a thick client installed on local machines, ensures a seamless and efficient development experience. Test bench, redesigned as a web application, simplifies testing with advanced features, such as variable searches and app execution without the Test bench interface.


4. Centralised environments management


Novacura Flow Connect facilitates effortless deployment by enabling users to subscribe to apps across different environments. The process involves selecting the desired version and deploying it to the intended environment, streamlining the application development lifecycle for practical business outcomes.


5. Simplified connector management


Connectors, pivotal in workflow applications, are now managed seamlessly within the Flow Hub. Novacura Flow Connect centralizes the configuration of connectors across different environments, eliminating the need for multiple logins.

In the new version, individual connectors are defined in one place for all environments. The developer has the ability to configure separate access data (server, user, password, connection parameters, etc.) for each of the available environments.


Deployment environments

Novacura Flow Connect will be available not only for the Cloud (though it will be the default option), but similarly to Novacura Flow 6x (6.14/15 and Portal2), it will be offered on-premise for specific needs in particular industries.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend starting the transition to the cloud.  According to predictions from the International Data Corporation (the global provider of market intelligence for information technology), cloud adoption and opportunities are expected to continue expanding, reaching a $1 trillion market in 2024. Gartner’s forecast on Cloud Shift states that by 2025, more than half of IT spending in enterprise IT will have transitioned from traditional solutions to the public cloud.

The speed and numbers speak for themselves, and in our opinion, it is inevitable that ERPs will move to the cloud, with this shift accelerating. It is crucial to migrate your ERP system and other business systems to the cloud, or else you risk facing an increasing threat of becoming obsolete.


Novacura Flow Connect is a new product tested internally for three months with over 150 users.

Flow Connect emphasizes six key foundations, including accessibility, seamless integration, enhanced security, scalability, collaboration, and faster time to value.

Notable distinctions from its predecessor, Flow 6x, include increased efficiency through a multi-tenant cloud architecture, a user-centric administration hub, enhanced developer experience, streamlined navigation, and simplified connector management.

While Novacura Flow Connect provides deployment choices for both cloud and on-premise environments, a strong recommendation is made to transition to the cloud. This aligns with forecasts of a growing cloud market and the inevitable shift of ERP systems, emphasizing the strategic advantage and future-proofing associated with embracing cloud computing.


Flow Connect is stable and operational, and we’re thrilled to invite our clients to participate in the platform’s pilot version. To seize this opportunity, please contact your Account Manager to begin.

For more information and details, please check out the video:

1. What is Novacura Flow Connect?

Novacura Flow Connect is a new product developed by Novacura, aimed at bridging gaps between various ERPs and end-user needs. It is designed to enhance efficiency, scalability, and collaboration through seamless integration with other software and platforms.

2. What are the key features of Novacura Flow Connect?

Novacura Flow Connect is built on six key foundations: accessibility, seamless integration, enhanced security, scalability, collaboration, and faster time to value. These features ensure that users can access the platform from anywhere, integrate it smoothly with other systems, benefit from advanced security measures, scale their operations without limitations, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve quicker development and deployment of solutions.

3. How can I transition to Novacura Flow Connect?

To transition to Novacura Flow Connect and take advantage of its benefits, please contact your Account Manager. They will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to leverage the platform’s capabilities effectively.

4. Is Novacura Flow Connect stable and operational?

Yes, Novacura Flow Connect has been tested internally for three months with over 150 users, and it is operational and stable. Novacura is excited to invite clients to participate in the platform’s pilot version and experience its benefits firsthand.