Business processes in various industries require continuous improvement, which can only be handled effectively with indirect customer support. This way, companies that operate with outside assistance can continuously increase their operability and improve business performance along with cost-effective management. 

Novacura provides its users with solutions based on a collaborative approach supported by high-quality software development techniques. We adopt our mature software development processes and offer our customers automated software development with the ability to reuse existing software solutions for specific industry requirements (see Novacura Marketplace). It enables our customers to minimize the risks arising from a new solution designed without comprehensive knowledge of system development and integration. 

In today’s dynamic business environment, the need for continuous improvement and innovation is ever-present. One way to drive this change is through direct and open customer collaboration. It’s this belief that underpins our approach at Novacura. 
To facilitate this, we’re excited to introduce UserVoice, our new feature request platform for Novacura Flow. UserVoice isn’t just a platform; it’s your opportunity to directly shape the future of Novacura Flow. It´s more than just an ideas forum – it’s a powerful tool that puts you at the heart of our development process.

How can we improve Novacura Flow?

We want to help achieve our customers’ goals through the best procedures and practices throughout development. 

A few reasons why you’d want to join UserVoice and contribute your innovative ideas: 

Direct influence: With UserVoice, your ideas can shape the future of Novacura Flow. Your feature requests directly influence our roadmap, ensuring that we create a product that addresses your real needs and challenges. You become not just a user, but a co-creator.

Community collaboration: UserVoice is not just a suggestion box; it is a vibrant community. Exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and build relationships with other Novacura Flow users. This collaborative environment helps to refine ideas, uncover new perspectives and strengthen the overall product. 

Transparency: We believe in the power of open communication. Track the progress of your feature requests, observe their impact and see how your input is valued and taken into account. Your voice matters, and with UserVoice, it is heard loud and clear. 

Efficiency: UserVoice enables us to identify and respond to common requests or issues quickly. This results in a faster, more focused development process, turning your ideas into tangible features that enhance your experience. 

Empowerment: UserVoice is a platform where every user, regardless of their technical expertise, can contribute to Novacura Flow’s evolution. It’s an empowering space where your ideas have a real impact. 

Enhanced User Experience: By using UserVoice, you help shape a better user experience. Your feedback guides us in refining existing features and introducing new ones that meet your needs. You’re not just improving your own experience; you’re enhancing it for the entire Novacura community. 

Change Management with Novacura Flow 

The Ideas Forum by Novacura will help our customers stay ahead of the competition. Continuous product improvement enables our customers to outline  Change Management. That means that Novacura will be able to reinforce the Admin workflow. 

Here are examples of some benefits for customers with the Ideas Forum: 

  • Improved implementation – We will increase the frequency of changes the organization requires and minimize barriers to progress. We will introduce a better roadmap as a benchmark for development and define priorities. 
  • Better process definition – Identification of improvement goals and customer value in the business will influence better strategies that change business performance.  
  • Monitoring changes – After subscribing to the Ideas Forum, customers will be able to receive updates on the latest status and monitor progress. The system will also communicate the results of changes to the organization’s personnel. 
  • Financial benefits – We address an improved admin workflow to the needs of the organization, which affects the improvement of important products, which will contribute to quality cost savings in the long run.


Novacura differs from the current situation and helps customers gain commitment from key decision-makers and executives inside our organization. UserVoice isn’t just a feature request platform; it’s your direct line to innovation and success with Novacura Flow’s Product Management team. By joining us on UserVoice, you’re not just contributing to a product; you’re joining a movement towards a more collaborative, customer-driven approach to software development. 

Step into the future of Novacura Flow. Register on UserVoice today and let’s innovate together. Your ideas have the power to transform Novacura Flow, and we’re excited to see where they take us. Visit us on Ideas Requests Forum today and get closer access to your business in the Novacura environment. 

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