At the most recent Novacura Flow User Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Andreas Crona introduced our business partners to an innovative solution that is set to enhance the role of integration administrators by seamlessly integrating over 50 connectors from a wide array of systems and technologies into Novacura Flow. 


We proudly introduce the Integration Engine!

The Novacura Flow Integration Engine is a new module of our low-code platform designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing Novacura Flow product suite.

The new module elevates the existing features of system integration of Novacura Flow to a whole new level, offering improved integration management, supervision, control, visibility, and traceability.

It is designed for integration administrators and introduces a variety of new features for overseeing the performance of the entire low-code platform, including load balancing and timeout control, among others.


The goals

In the world of modern business, the Integration Engine plays a pivotal role in achieving both short-term and long-term objectives. It serves as the bridge connecting disparate systems, facilitating a seamless flow of information and enabling businesses to thrive in an interconnected digital landscape.

The role

  1. Acts as a front-end interface for the ERP system, allowing the creation of high-level business services that encompass all the intricacies within the ERP API.

  2. Enable the ERP system to connect with various business systems, services, and equipment using pre-built connectors.

  3. Additionally, it has the capacity to integrate with systems beyond the ERP domain.

  4. Contributes to the development of a “Service-oriented architecture” by integrating diverse systems within the organization through a centralized service bus.

  5. Performs scheduled data exchanges between systems within your organization or with external entities.

  6. Effectively oversees and manages all integration operations.

  7. Offers IT administrators a clear view of all executed integrations for enhanced visibility and control.

Open to many systems

The Novacura Integration Engine collaborates with more than 50 connectors to various systems and technologies.




One of the immediate advantages of the Integration Engine is its ability to connect and propagate events and activities across business systems. It simplifies the integration of master data, enabling real-time synchronization. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to automate complex cross-system processes, making it a valuable asset for your organization’s long-term strategy.

Among the key advantages of the system, we developed as follow:

  • Administration: all in one place – the Integration Engine simplifies integration management through its web-based administration console.
  • Easy Integration Services creation – the integration routine editor adheres to a low-code philosophy, ensuring that it’s user-friendly and doesn’t demand advanced technical expertise for effortless creation.
  • Triggered or scheduled integrations – when it comes to scheduled integrations, administrators have the flexibility to determine integration call frequencies and configure “Input parameters” for automated workflows.
  • Timeout control – the manages timeout for each integration service call.
  • Performance monitoring – administrators receive detailed alerts for integration errors, with customizable rules for filtering out specific errors. The system also provides performance reports to optimize workflows.
  • Measurements & optimization -administrators can easily access the performance history of individual integration methods from the integration list. 
  • Load control (Throttling) – the Integration Engine protects external systems like ERP by controlling simultaneous executions of Integration workflows. It queues messages to prevent data loss, with results retrieved by the calling system, similar to timed-out messages. This customization ensures efficient integration.

Example one: Triggered or scheduled integrations

Example two: Measurements & optimization


The Integration Engine simplifies the process of offering designated services as web services in JSON format. This versatile engine handles and executes integration routines created through low-code integration flows. Every step of the integration process is initiated and performed on the Novacura Flow Server side, efficiently managing physical connections to third-party systems. Configuration and monitoring of the integration are managed by IT Administrators through the Integration Engine Console.


The Novacura Integration Engine serves as an interface for your ERP system, streamlining operations by allowing the development of advanced business services.

Practical tips:

  • Availability: now available (2023-10-12).
  • How to obtain it: please contact your account manager for assistance.
  • Compatibility: available for 6.14, optimised for 6.15 and future versions.

For more information visit the Intgration Engine website.

For more details, see the latest “The Introduction to Novacura Integration Engine” video