Inventory control over a long period of time can no longer rely on manual data entry using paper forms. The dependence on the manual data entry method cannot be verified in a short period of time and can cause inventory discrepancies that have serious financial implications for the organization. Traceability of goods in manufacturing requires digital inventory management software.

Production clerks equipped in mobile devices with embedded software can take control of the entire inventory management process. Handheld computers and mobile scanners operating with barcodes, QR codes, RFID technology are able to ensure proper supervision of the internal flow of materials. Providing barcode material labels when products are inbounded is the solution that should be implemented in any factory. There is no doubt that the use of mobile devices with embedded operate software in manufacturing can influence all stages of production and increase its quality of:

  • Material consumption – consumption registering and preventing shortage of
    raw materials.
  • Processing inbound – good traceability from dock registration to inventory
    putaway process.
  • Order picking – accurate collection from direct stock locations.
  • Packing and pelletizing – easy determining delivery destination and good quality order checks.
  • Outbound and shipping management – efficient dispatch and reliable ETA with
    track & trace.
  • Inventory control – quick inventory control and accurate cycle count.

Manufacturing in the COVID-19 era – Top 3 challenges and how to overcome them (PDF)

  • Top 3 challenges for manufacturers during the pandemic
  • What are the root causes of the challenges?
  • Proposed solution
  • How to implement iT

Effective traceability of materials

Embedded software connected to ERP systems can be enough to fulfil general needs of particular warehouse management but its customization is almost impossible. Modification of ERP system is difficult and time consuming therefore any sort of random software cannot be suitable for complexity of production process. The manufacturing industry is closely dependent on the dynamic changes occurring in each industry sector. Ongoing changes regarding market demand are forcing factories to respond. Adjusting production lines and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is already part of its strategy.

To secure effective material traceability, manufacturing facilities should consider selecting the most appropriate solution with the possibility of flexible software modification. The software should not only be suitable for the existing hardware, but in the first place, it should provide operations workers with the right control over inventory. Software used on mobile devices should be capable to:

  • ERP connection – extracting and uploading to the warehouse servers data on all processes.
  • Labels generating – interface with a printer to provide barcode labels for order picking, shipping, inventory classification, etc.
  • QR & Barcode Reader – scan labels to identify inventory and share operation tasks
  • Improve inventory management – provide a detailed overview of current stock levels, prioritize orders picking volumes, guide on suitable inventory replenishment (remove obsolete inventory, etc.)
  • Improve order picking system – optimize employees movement between picking locations, prevent empty locations during order picking, streamline dispatch process and all system delivery transactions etc.
  • User profiles and tasks – profiled user access to the system and synchronization of tasks and processes for different departments. Capability for tasks overhanded to forklift, combilift, reach truck and EPT drivers etc.
  • Mobile interaction in real time – providing OPS employees with individualized work instructions (tasks changing, special demands) displayed on mobile devices.
  • Flexibly adjustments and customization – should allow to easily add and remove an additional options if a new process or inventory is required.

Inventory management software should be able cover inventory management requirements in any configuration. Good software should provide mobile solutions integrated with required inventory processes and ERP system. A professional inventory traceability solution should have a tangible impact on reducing supply chain errors and increasing customer retention rates.

Implementation of the raw material inventory management software

Dealing with internal challenges that occur during different processes without good software solutions isn’t possible these days. Modern warehouses with manufacturing or distribution processes should implement customized software to streamline the warehouse management system (WMS) and supply chain.

Novacura is a software development company that provides comprehensive solutions for all inventory management requirements, manufactures and supply chains. Core idea of our solution is about integrating our software with existing ERP systems. We provide modifiable software solutions that allow to create users customized applications for PC workstations, mobile devices needed for complex inventory management. Unlimited customization options allow to comprehensively meet all standard and new process and product requirements. Nonvacua software use IoT connectors to arrange connection between well-known ERP systems. In this way, customized applications are able to interact with internal network. In this way, customized applications are able to interact with and manage inventory data stored on internal servers.

Implementing Novacura software can expand inventory management capabilities to provide unique features:

  • Improve system transactions displayed from existing ERP – customized applications from Novacura can convert existing ERP transactions and extend ERP system about new options and system transactions.
  • IoT connectors – we have already prepared connectors to the most popular ERP systems (IFS Applications, Infor M3, IBM Maximo, SAP, Oracle and more).
  • Ready to use solutions – we have created ready-to-use industry applications, that are suitable for logistics, manufacture, supply chains etc. Applications can be directly uploaded into an existing warehouse environment and can still be modified in terms of processes and products.
  • Process modelling platform – we provide digital platform that allow to create their user customized applications in Business Process Management environment.
  •  Fast implementation – our experience in expertise allows us to implement software in different industries in a very short time (matter of weeks depend on internal requirements)

Novacura develops software with almost 20 years of experience across multiple industries. In close cooperation with IFS system developers we’re able to maintain complete implementing of IFS ERP system. We implement IFS systems or connect to existing ERP systems with extended functions provided by Novacura software.

Our customers can benefit through:

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of data entry
  • Reducing the number of manual work
  • Facilitate material traceability
  • Framework of continuous improvement
  • Customized and simple solution for warehouse work
  • Ability to learn how to develop new solutions or adapt existing ones in-house
  • cost-effective way to integrate mobile devices with your ERP system

Novacura provide solutions that go far beyond inventory management, integrated solutions for manufacturers, global distributors and the supply chain. We implement our software across the world in different industries to provided quick respond on the dynamic changes in many industries. With our solutions, you can streamline your internal processes and progress in the fast moving industrial world.

If you are interested in implementing the presented solutions, please contact us. We will help you shape the final solution and we will take care of the whole implementation plan.

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