In our Lunch and Learn session 4th of April 2022, we talked about optimizing your maintenance with solutions proven in real business.


Below you find shorter information about what’s been discussed and what you will learn about if you decide to watch the whole session On-Demand.

What do we mean by Maintenance?

Maintenance is a huge area. Somehow, everything needs maintenance in one way or another.

It’s very easy to think about maintenance as “having skilled people working on assets one-way or another”. We often see issues when we have poor maintenance in our day-to-day life, but maintenance is not an isolated island. It is part of a bigger picture: “Asset Management”.

Some people experience it hard to see the whole picture of the asset management scope. Everything we’ve invested in assets that we would like to maintain and operate in a way that benefits us and makes sure we can use it for the planned life cycle (and to extend the life cycle). This is related both to your private life and your business processes.

Identify the problems in your maintenance process

In this Lunch and Learn session Östen, Sales Director at Novacura, talked about a continuous improvement approach to asset management. In the presentation, he tangled out the problem related to each step of the maintenance management process. 

Root causes for poor decision support

What will happen if you have poor decision support? If you lack operational and historical data, it will affect the analysis, leading to bad operational and strategical decisions. As a result, you will most certainly end up with high maintenance costs and lower quality and in the end, you will have lower performance in your facilities.

This affects all levels in the organization, Maintenance Operators, Mid-level Managers, and
C-level. In the presentation, there is a suggestion on managing the information flow in an organization and alternatives of how to reverse the organization structure to create better decision support.

Learn all about it

In the Lunch and Learn Session, you will get more detailed information about the problems related to the above areas, but you will also get an introduction and clarification of how you can use digital solutions such as mobile applications to manage each step of the process.

Digital solutions Novacura

Conclusions from the maintenance presentation

  • We believe Maintenance is a key factor in a company’s overall success. 
  • We believe that an optimized maintenance process is based on improved use of both: maintenance departments’ resources and subcontractor resources working in common processes.
  • Better measurements lead to better analysis and better operational decisions 
  • Good decisions rely on data transformed into relevant information designed for each role. This is the support that management should provide for operations.