All you need to know to upgrade to IFS Cloud!

How should you think regarding an upgrade to IFS Cloud? Find out in our on-demand webinar below!


Time: 41 minutes.

Main topics covered:

  • What do we know today about IFS Cloud?
  • Upgrade Strategies – how and when should you upgrade?
  • Why Novacura  Why should you trust us as a solid IFS Partner?

Webinar highlights

02:55 IFS Cloud key facts

The deployment decision, Cloud integration strategy, New lifecycle tools, Known challenges. 

07:42 Upgrade strategies

How and when to upgrade. Product lifecycle, Reason for upgrading. 

09:53 Which route to IFS Cloud fits you best?

Via IFS 10 or directly. Use of a low-code platform. New technology, Open APIs, Odata connector. Extend your ERP on the outside.

24:14 Why trust Novacura as your IFS Partner

our team, our customers, our support and methodology.

33:00 Zero Modifications

– your route to evergreen Cloud

35:56 Summary


36:40 Q&A – Top 3 upgrade advice

Our speakers

Östen Westman

Sales Director, Novacura

Large enterprises with asset-intensive industries. Mining, Energy and services.

  • Experience (years): 33 years
  • Experience in IFS: 26 years
  • With Novacura since 2013
  • Upgrade experience: 30+ projects

Klas Klasman

Project Office Director, Novacura

Many project and development director positions at IFS and a big part of building up the strong IFS customer base for Novacura. Specialized in project-centric industries and defense.

  • Experience (years): 35 years
  • Experience in IFS: 31 years
  • With Novacura since 2011
  • Upgrade experience: 40+ projects

Andreas Lindqvist

Sales Manager, Novacura

Andreas has made a career from local production planner to global IT service management and global IT project manager connected to ERP and other business systems.

  • 10 years of IT responsibility, process and project management.
  • 3 years of experience in building process-oriented solutions with Novacura Flow.

Watch webinar:

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