To upgrade your ERP is always a challenge. A few months ago IFS launched the new version of IFS Applications called IFS Cloud.

Many companies are facing the challenge of creating a new upgrade strategy. This blog post is for all of you who are considering upgrading or implementing IFS Applications. We will have a look at some of the highlights from the webinar “All you need to know to upgrade to IFS Cloud”.

  • IFS Cloud – What do we know today about IFS Cloud?
  • Upgrade Strategies – How and when should you upgrade?
  • Why Novacura? – Trust us a solid partner.

The launch of IFS Cloud

According to IFS, this is the biggest product launch in the company’s history. IFS says that “Cloud enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in a single solution.”

As an independent IFS Partner, Novacura had a chance to follow the release closely and can firmly confirm – this is a big step forward.

Many people say Cloud is the future, but maybe not for everyone. The question is if IFS Cloud is right for your business and in that case – how and when should you upgrade?

Therefore we asked a couple of our experts to sort out the question marks that often appeared when IFS Cloud was brought up. 

  • When should I upgrade?
  • And how should I upgrade?
  • What should I do if I have a lot of modifications in IFS?
  • What should I do if I have a lot of integrations between IFS and other systems?
  • Which partner should I choose to perform the IFS Upgrade?

In the webinar, they give explanations and suggestions on how to handle the upgrade – below you find some of the highlights. 

What’s important to know about IFS Cloud?

Östen Westman, Sales Director at Novacura, states that it’s important to understand that IFS Cloud is a complete cloud offering but still possible to implement on-prem based on customer needs with the same functionality.

Also, the product is truly one product in IFS Cloud, so all of the different product lines of IFS have been merged into IFS Cloud. The evergreen philosophy has developed even more, now IFS will provide their customer base with two major upgrades every year.

In the webinar, he also describes the new improved user experience, the updated technical architecture and the open architecture that is 100% based on Odata which means that all the API:s are now available and ready for integration.

IFS Cloud - Key facts

In IFS Cloud the customer has a big decision to make – and that is how to deploy the IFS Cloud solution. What does affect this decision is mostly the number of customizations or modifications in the solutions.

How and when to upgrade?

Firstly, it’s important to lay the ground for a well-informed decision, which means to spend some time answering the right questions to be able to set up a good upgrade strategy. E.g. What’s the reason for your upgrade? Which route to IFS Cloud fits you the best?

In the webinar Klas Klasman, Project Office Director at Novacura, introduce two alternatives on how to move to IFS Cloud, so which of them should you choose?

  1. Direct move to IFS Cloud
  2. Move to IFS Cloud via IFS10

Which route to IFS Cloud fits you best?

It’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of the different alternatives and to make a good decision you must know your purpose for the upgrade.

Learn more about when to consider which route in the webinar.

Novacura FLOW as the integration gateway

One of the most common modifications you need to handle during the upgrade is integrations.

Together with the set of API:s and projections. It still allows integrations, but a new gateway is needed between the core and the extended solutions.

In the webinar, you will be introduced to our low-code BPM platform, Novacura Flow. For you to focus on the actual business value of this platform in combination with our vast knowledge about IFS, Novacura can take on the whole project.

Whichever path you choose, Novacura FLOW platform can help you succeed with your upgrades by reducing barriers and eliminating gaps.

Novacura FLOW can help

Many users of ERP systems who have not yet transitioned to the Cloud are likely contemplating a move. Our team has engaged with top experts to comprehend the reasons behind the value of upgrading, identify optimal strategies, and outline comprehensive project planning.

In our latest series of webinars, our focus is on the transition to IFS Cloud, with the goal of shedding light on both the advantages and disadvantages of this process.

Come join us on a journey to upgrade to IFS Cloud! Gain access to over 4 hours of in-depth insights into IFS Cloud from industry leaders. Explore the most effective upgrade strategies, as well as the challenges and solutions encountered in real-world scenarios.