To be user-friendly today often means “to understand how it works without reading the manual”. But even if you understand how to use it, there might be a better way. This is the case for many of our customers when it comes to using their ERP systems, including those who use our BPM low-code platform, Novacura Flow

The reason? – It works well enough, but most companies can get more value out of their ERP, MES and other business systems.

At Novacura we want to train companies to get the most value out of their systems to create smooth and efficient business processes. Therefore we’ve put together a dedicated customer success team to challenge customers to improve their business processes.

The importance of a customer success team

A customer success team is important to engage in customer relations where it’s possible to share the vision to keep improving.

Every company needs to help its customers succeed. By having a dedicated customer success department, we just make this strive clear to not only our customers but also our employees. It’s more than just supporting customers. 

What’s the difference between Customer Success and support?

Customer Success for me differs from support in the way that we are less reactive and more proactive. We challenge the customer into thinking about how they can improve, not just solve the problem at hand. At customer success, we see the customer’s problems as opportunities. We just love problems!
Aron Igelström
Novacura, Team Leader - Customer Success

The customer success team of Novacura

The team members have skills and experience in multiple areas, stretching from support and customer relations all the way deep down the product codebase.

What’s it all about?

For the Customer Success Team at Novacura it’s about enabling customers to utilize our product Novacura Flow and their other solutions in the best possible way.

Why are we doing this?

The main goal for the team is to improve the customer experience not only when it comes to our ability to propose solutions for our customer’s business needs and solving issues that need a broader skillset, but also by working proactively: Improving the quality of our internal processes and level of expertise.

We will not only try to answer our customers' questions, but we will also try to challenge their ideas to make them more successful and profitable.
Aron Igelström
Novacura, Team Leader - Customer Success

What's the benefit for Novacura customers?

  • The customers will notice the work being done by the team in many different ways such as improved customer support and training materials.
  • Most importantly, it will be noticed that when you reach out to Novacura for help with your challenges and questions, you can rely on us going that extra mile to come up with the best possible solution for your case.
  • The interactions with Novacura will in a sense feel more like interacting with a smaller company than Novacura is, in a good way. The team will ensure that customers are realizing the true potential and value of using Novacura Flow.
  • By connecting the inner workings of the company (from customer support, consulting and R&D), the customer will notice that we respond faster and more accurately to their questions.
  • It will be apparent that Novacura knows that they succeed when their customers succeed.


Growing fast is a struggle for any company and Novacura is no exception. We can no longer rely on key people in the organization to keep in touch with our customer needs as well as communicate this to the correct departments within the company.

However, we want to keep our ability to do so, even though we’ve grown into a large company with clearly defined departments. The customer success team of Novacura will work proactively with customers to understand their business goals and help them find the true potential in the product, thereby increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

With a customer focus and the aim to make our customers succeed we will make sure Novacura stays true to its key values even though we are not a small company anymore. We want the customer to notice that and trust us to be their partner not only a supplier. 

We succeed when our customers do and therefore we must challenge them to always be better! 

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