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With Novacura Flow in your toolbox, you can create powerful, reliable applications and workflows to manage every aspect of maintenance, field service and asset service.

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What Novacura Flow can help you do

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Imagine if you could fix every customer’s issue on the first try. If you could transfer the knowledge and skills of your best technicians to your entire workforce. If you could predict maintenance, field service and asset service issues before they happened—and fix them before they turned into problems.

Whether your company services assets on-site or in the field, the goal is the same: fix things fast and fix them right. But if you’re still using spreadsheets and paper forms to manage your field service business, you’re spending too much time on administration—time that could be spent on customer orders.

With Novacura Flow in their back pocket, field service technicians can access all the information they need to boost first-time fix rates, wow customers and provide better service across the board. From steered workflows to interactive forms to augmented reality and predictive maintenance, it’s all possible with Novacura Flow.

Field Service Management Solutions with Novacura Flow

Work Order Management

Manage and complete work orders from anywhere, on any device—even offline. Novacura Flow works everywhere you want and need it to work, with no duplicate entries ever.

Employee Scheduling

With Novacura Flow, technicians can access up-to-date schedules, plan their routes, access customer and equipment data, even fill out work orders and fault reports—all from their mobile device.

Real-time Monitoring

No more wondering if a technician is on schedule: with Flow, the back office can receive real-time updates, track work vehicles with GPS, and help technicians optimize their time.

Job Safety Analysis

Make sure everyone in your organization is working safely, wherever they are. With Novacura Flow you can build steered workflows to help technicians complete tasks in the proper order, with alerts and safety reminders to make sure they’re aware of hazards.

Customer Portal

Novacura Flow’s customer portal functionality allows customers to place their own orders, access their account information, even book their own service appointments—meaning less effort for your workers, and more time to focus on value-added tasks.

Fault Report Management

With Novacura Flow, technicians can create and submit fault reports right from their mobile device. Or take things a step further: connect Flow to smart sensors and automatically generate fault reports and work orders based on sensor data.

Contractor Management

Manage virtually everything related to sub-contractors with Novacura Flow. Create apps to help manage sub-contractor costs, hours, materials, expenses and whatever else you need. Your sub-contractors can report all their information right from their mobile device.

Remote Guidance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send your best, most experienced technicians to every job site? Offer your best service to every customer, no matter where they are? With the power of remote guidance and augmented reality, you can.

Complex Process Management

Flow makes it easy to handle complex service processes with multi-competence work orders and hand-overs. You can even include new techniques like total preventative maintenance (TPM), condition based monitoring (CBM) or Lean maintenance.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? We can make a custom solution for you. Learn more about the Novacura 4D Method.


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“Customers can follow work performed by our engineers in real-time as the engineer updates the relevant information directly from their tablet.”

– Jan Walldorf, Site Manager, Veolia

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What Novacura Flow can help you do in the Maintenance area

What Novacura Flow can do in the area of Maintenance

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With Novacura Flow, your maintenance and field service technicians have all the information they need for the day, right in the palm of their hand—even when they’re in the middle of nowhere. They can access to customer and asset history, GPS maps, maintenance records and interactive equipment manuals with the click of a button.

They enter data once, and that data automatically goes everywhere you need it to go: customer invoices, employee time sheets, mileage reports, equipment inventory and more.

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