While IFS Cloud is still a new technology for many companies, we at Novacura are proud to announce that we just published our first application for it!

It’s an all-in-one worksite field reporting solution covering Crew and Time Management for projects and work orders in collaboration with IFS Cloud.

All about the application

Worksite field reporting - IFS Cloud


Worksite Field Reporting is an app collection that caters to a wide range of users like Crew Owners, Supervisors, and Crew Members, enabling them to report, analyze and collaborate in real-time. This app package runs on IFS Cloud.

New features like clock in/clock out, copying day timesheets, reports with document attachments, user-friendly startup screens, and colored indicators will save a lot of user interaction time, increasing the workforce efficiency.

The following are the main benefits for the users:

  • Increase Productivity – Quick Reporting / Flexibility of reporting anywhere, anytime
  • Risk Management – Error Reduction / Increased Transparency
  • Better Resource Utilization – Crew Management / Crew Reporting

Worksite Field Reporting App List:

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