Did you know, some companies still need to access several systems to manage their business processes. Wasting time just trying to find the problems instead of solving them, especially when some parts of the process aren’t yet digitized.

Find the gaps in your business processes

The struggle mentioned above is unfortunately still a reality for many of the companies we talk to. The lack of time makes it hard to improve their business processes. We couldn’t be happier to present them the opportunity to take control and achieve BPM success – with dashboards that do more.

  • See your whole business on one screen
  • Monitor important KPIs in real-time
  • Connect to all your business systems
  • Save time on data entry
  • Use it in the office or in the field

A solution connected to your ERP system

First, we shortly need to describe Novacura Flow, which is a low-code, high productivity business process platform that can connect multiple business systems into a single, simple, user-friendly interface. This platform helps you build, execute and optimize business processes to run your business the way YOU want to.

Three components of the Novacura Flow platform:

  • Flow Studio – where you design your process
  • Flow Client – where you execute your process on any device
  • Flow Portal – which makes it easy to see all your important information at a glance

Improve your business performance

As you see there are several parts of Novacura Flow but right now we would like to focus on the above-mentioned game-changer, Flow Portal.

Portal bild 2

This part of the platform adds an extra dimension to Novacura Flow where you can control your entire business—data, workflows, processes, dashboards, reports and more. Flow Portal is where all your data comes together. Use the portal to visualize and monitor your KPIs, improve your processes and stay on top of everything.

As soon as you get the overview, it’s easier to see where the potential of reaching your business goal is. Identifying where you can make minor changes can really make a difference.

Common actions you might want to consider include:

  • reducing the number of customer touchpoints
  • eliminate non-value-adding tasks
  • give employees more autonomy to collect data and make decisions
  • add/automate control tasks, like checking that all form fields have been filled out correctly
  • automate your more predictable and repeatable tasks

You can customize Novacura Flow to reach YOUR business goals.

Curious about this digital solution? Find out more about the platform – Novacura Flow.