The manufacturing industry incorporates end-to-end systems and processes crucial to the well-functioning day-to-day operations in Industry 4.0. Therefore, production management compatibility should include the technical state of operational resources and recording job processing on a centralized basis within an ERP system. The present-day manufacturing environment should focus on a factory and supply chain management approach that can provide order progress data for production control, detect timely machine problems for time scheduling (prevent downtimes), and offer supply dates and delivery lead times. These capabilities can be supported by mobile solutions delivered by software that provides process capability for information flow on the shop floor and a warehouse management system.

These aspects and many others from the field of production management were addressed in Production 4.0. conference took place on 28 March 2023 at the Novotel Hotel in Poznan. Novacura took part in Production 4.0. conference and, together with 21 other experts from the manufacturing sector, presented its insights on the production industry. Novacura representatives, along with Adam Szlembarski and Lukasz Majer, were able to answer many business questions related to Industry 4.0.

The event attracted many experts from manufacturing companies operating in international markets.

Novacura presentation at the Production 4.0 conference in Poznan

During the event, Novacura representative Łukasz Majer, relying on his years of experience in providing business solutions for various industries, took on the role of process optimization expert and presented a flexible management approach dedicated to the manufacturing industry.

Łukasz Majer during Novacura presentation at the Production 4.0 conference in Poznań.

Novacura presentation theme: “Why being lean is no longer enough in a world ruled by chaos – how to achieve high productivity by being flexible!”, at the Production 4.0 conference, has essential implications for the field of manufacturing. Novacura speaker explained to the audience that march 2020 turned the lives of many manufacturing companies upside down. Just when it seemed that COVID’19 was behind us, the war in Ukraine shook the world as we know it – supply chains collapsed, currency and energy rates became unpredictable, and investors stopped expenditures. The data shows that the companies who were best prepared for this were the ones who were least organized: they had the most buffers in stock, and precise procedures prevented them from changing their business routines ‘overnight.’

Adam Szlembarski (business consultant) during the preparation of a Novacura mobile application demo dedicated for manufacturing, for visitors of the booth.

The conclusion is that chaos will always be with us – the economy is global, which means that by its complexity, it is no longer predictable. Furthermore, we are facing the next big revolution related to artificial intelligence. We need to adapt the way we think about optimization – flexibility, and security which are now essential elements. The presentation will propose an approach to optimizing companies in which automation and process thinking take place while maintaining flexibility and the ability to make changes very quickly. Novacura has presented specific tools as mobile applications for manufacturing control that can ensure this effect, which does not require a massive mental shift and leaders. Among companies, in which automation and process thinking happen while maintaining flexibility, i.e., the ability to quickly make changes. Specific tools will be presented to ensure that achieving this effect does not require a huge mental shift and leaders.

Novacura presentation is available on the Novacura You Tube channel in the local language. You can also review other materials related to mobile solutions from Novacura dedicated for English-speaking market.


An essential requirement for any manufacturing facility is the automated acquisition of online data within a system that ensures the integration of business processes within the organization. The connection between the shop floor and warehouse management requires closed-loop control, which can only be effectively done if supported by a mobile solutions. These business characteristics make the deployment of on-site mobile applications the dominant system approach that covers the different operational circumstances, from internal operations to shipping, what’s deliver very practical results.

Łukasz Majer and Adam Szlembarski at the venue of the Production 4.0. conference. 

Novacura has been providing business solutions to various industries for almost 20 years. We support manufacturing companies with mobile applications designed for various purposes, from data collection to internal operations related to picking, packing, and shipping. Our software can be connected to production machines via IoT connectors, giving absolute control over the entire business. Our customers in Poland, Sweden, and the United States use our solution to support their business with a visible return on investment. Contact us today and see what we can do for your production.