On April 26th, we had a great opportunity to take part in IFS Poland Partner Day, which took place in Warsaw. The main idea of IFS Partner Days is to create a platform where experts and companies that cooperate with IFS can exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Novacura, which has established its presence in the Polish market with many successful collaborations around ERP systems, is now bringing its expertise in IFS Cloud implementations, services, and IFS upgrades from the Nordic markets (where it is well known and acknowledged as an IFS Gold Channel Partner) to a broader Polish audience. During the Partner Day, we aimed to emphasize our expertise while providing practical knowledge and tips on upgrading to IFS Cloud, getting to know other IFS Partners, and seeking collaboration for the future.


On the 26th of April, we met in the well-recognized conference area of Legia Warszawa Arena, where our representative, Tomasz Czerwiński (Business Solutions Architect), took part in informative workshops about IFS tools management, had a chance to meet with other IFS Partners, and met Marek Głazowski, Managing director for Poland and EE. 

The event was also a great opportunity to discuss future cooperation with other important IFS cooperatives in Poland. We believe that Novacura, with its well-recognized and awarded experience from the Nordics in the field of IFS upgrades, can offer successful synergy for many partners, benefiting clients in Poland.  


The next great opportunity for networking and interesting discussions will occur on May 14th and 15th in Warsaw during IFS Connect Eastern Europe 2024.  

Novacura has become a sponsor of the 4th edition of this event, focusing on expanding businesses with IFS and achieving “Faster, Higher, and Stronger” results.  

Besides meeting you at the booth, we will also give an inspirational speech during the Unlock Technology Agility track. Our two panelists, Lukasz Majer and Tomasz Czerwiński, will take the stage on the second day (15th of May) to discuss “Practical experiences from 6 successful upgrades to IFS Cloud.”  

You will learn:  

  • How to avoid risks during an ERP upgrade.  
  • Which upgrade strategies to choose.  
  • Potential problems arising from incorrectly using the ‘Manager Cloud’ variant.  
  • Why ‘evergreen’ remains an empty slogan if the upgrade is done incorrectly.  
  • Is it worth starting the upgrade now or waiting? 

Make sure you stop by our booth at the Gdańska area of the Sofitel Victoria Hotel and meet our presenters, including Lars Steen, VP of the Services Division at Novacura, and grab some fun LEGO sets while you’re at it.  

For more details about the event (in Polish), visit:  


Novacura has collaborated with IFS since 2015 and was honored as IFS Channel Partner of the Year in 2017, 2019, and 2022, a prestigious recognition reserved for top IFS partners. We believe this achievement will enhance our ability to foster a collaborative environment with other Polish IFS partners, ultimately benefiting both the IFS community and our clients.