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Business system connectors

Novacura Flow Connectors

This is a list of our current connectors. If you have any requirements that aren´t covered, we will be happy to develop a new one! Our plug-in architecture makes it easy to add a new connector to the library.

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Database – Oracle Generic connector to Oracle databases Database
Database – MS SQL Server Generic connector to Microsoft SQL Server databases
Database – IFS Applications 9 Generic connector to IFS Applications 9 database using IFS .Net Access Provider
Database – MySQL Generic connector to MySQL databases
Database – IBM DB2 Generic connector to IBM DB2 databases
Database – IBM DB2 iSeries Generic connector to IBM DB2 iSeries
Web Services
REST Web Service Connect to any type of REST Web Service
SOAP Web Service Connect to any type of SOAP Web Service
Business Systems
SAP ECC BAPI Dynamic API connector for SAP with graphical configuration using the BAPI tree in SAP
Info M3 API Dynamic API connector for Infor M3 with graphical configuration using Programs and Methods
IFS Applications 9 API Dynamic API Connector for IFS Applications 9, using the IFS .Net Access Provider
Microsoft Dynamics AX Dynamic API Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX, using the AX .NET Business Connector
MS Dynamics CRM Dynamic API connector for CRM with graphical configuration using web services in CRM
IBM Maximo Dynamic API connector for Maximo with a graphical configuration using web services in Maximo
Supporting Systems
MS SharePoint Specific connector for MS SharePoint supporting Document Libraries, Custom Lists and Tasks for different SharePoint Sites.
MS Active Directory Specific connector for MS Active Directory used to perform both read and write operations in an Active Directory.
Oracle Primavera Specific connector for Oracle Primavera to perform both read and write operations.
NiceLabel Specific connector for label configuration and printing using NiceLabel.
Web Submit Connector that can submit data to any webpage.
Filesystem Connector for creating, modifying and doing numerous file operations in the file system.
Generate Text – XML Specific connector with simple configuration for creating XML based files.
Generate Text – TCP Connector for sending TCP output from Flow to any address.
Generate Text – HTTP Connector for sending HTTP output from Flow to any address.
Send Email Specific connector for configuration and sending emails.
FTP Manage, send and get files and folders over FTP or FTPS
SFTP Manage, send and get files and folders over SFTP
Custom Connector Wrapper Create your own .Net Based Connector, using the Custom Connector Wrapper
Google API Connector using the Google API. Right now only supporting the Google URL Shortener
Generate XML Dat Configure and generate a fixed XML File in a defined File location
Modbus Industry 4.0 Connector for Machine To Machine communication using Modbus
SIOX Industry 4.0 Connector for Machine To Machine communication using SIOX bus
Flow Connector A Connector to connect to the Internal Flow environment or another accessible Flow environment.
Html To Pdf Create PDF files directly in a workflow. The PDF is based on a HTML definition in which you can use Flow variables, including images and signatures.
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