Last week, on May 13th, at the centrally located Crowne Plaza® Warsaw, we had the opportunity to host a special event for our Clients. This meeting was designed as a workshop together with presentation, and was offering ample opportunities for networking and learning.

The main inspiration for the event was the fact that Novacura, a renowned company for its implementations, services, and IFS upgrades in Nordic markets, is now entering the Polish market with these services. We aimed to emphasize our expertise while providing practical knowledge and tips on upgrading to IFS Cloud.”

The event was divided into two segments:

  • 17:00-20:00: During this session, we and our guests explored how our applications and the extensive experience of our team in implementing IFS solutions can be leveraged to optimize key processes within their companies;
  • 20:00: The evening transitioned into a more relaxed atmosphere with a formal dinner, providing an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other better and engage in less formal discussions.


The workshop and presentation took place in the first part of the event. We had the opportunity to listen to Andrzej Sałęga, Adam Szlembarski, Dorota Kopacka, Lars Steen, and Łukasz Majer from Novacura, followed by a panel discussion with Joanna Kopeć and Agnieszka Ławniczak from Com40.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Welcome speech and introduction to the event – Dorota Kopacka

  • Panel no 1: Novacura Flow Updates – Łukasz Majer
    • Updates on Flow Classic 6.15 – including a focus on performance test results
    • New features in Flow Portal 2
    • Integration Engine presentation
    • The new product – Flow Connect – what to expect and interesting thoughts

  • Panel no 2: IFS-related services offered by Novacura for the Polish market + our experience with IFS Cloud – Lars Steen
    • The presentation of Novacura’s expertise in the IFS area in the Nordic countries
    • Our IFS-related services offered to the Polish customers
    • Our positive experience with IFS Cloud and upgrades to IFS Cloud

  • Panel no 3: Potential Applications of Flow Based on Solutions Implemented by Our Clients – Andrzej Sałęga, Adam Szlembarski
    • Flow in 101 places – to inspire clients with the versatility of Flow from maintenance to production, machine integration, and administration;
    • Success Stories: Supplier service portal, Shipping processes, Mobile sales , Ticket handling, Online web store.

  • Panel no 4: Customer Case – Interview with Representatives from COM40 – Łukasz Majer
    • Following the interview, there was a discussion with Joanna Kopeć and Agnieszka Ławniczak from COM40. First, we had a brief client context based on slides from the Logistics Conference. Followed-up by questions about Just-in-Sequence, how they develop flows, the benefits of Flow, and more…

We especially want to say a warm thank you to Janusz Bożek (Kuźnia), Łukasz Jajeśniak (Airpol), Adrian Kralka (Zetkama), Katarzyna Gil (Nolato), Dawid Urbański (Nolato), and the entire COM40 and Paged team for their active participation in the discussion, good questions, and insights.        



The Novacura Customers Meeting aimed to bring together our current clients, including Flow users and those considering purchasing a Flow license, and to showcase the improvements made in their companies using the Flow application and our consultants’ expertise in IFS implementation and process optimization.

We presented new features in Flow and updates on Flow Connect, followed by engaging presentations by consultants from various client projects. Our clients had ample opportunity to network and exchange ideas during the event, leading to their active participation in the subsequent IFS Connect conference.

Overall, attendees praised the event’s prestige and appreciated the professional workshop facilitation. Lars Steen’s presence underscored our global reach and the support available from our colleagues worldwide.


The event comprised workshops, networking sessions, and a formal dinner. Highlights included presentations on Novacura’s entry into the Polish market with IFS Upgrade Solutions, updates on Novacura Flow, discussions on IFS-related services, and case studies showcasing Flow’s applications. The event provided networking opportunities and received positive feedback for its professional organization and valuable insights shared.