The 15th edition of the Dutch InfraTech 2023 trade fair show was the inauguration of developments planned by companies for 2023. Over the four days, the event was welcomed by nearly 20,844 visitors who had the opportunity to come to the booths of 500 exhibitors. It was a great kick-off promotional event for construction companies in the Netherlands, where they could share innovative solutions in their industry.

The event partially focused on the topic of water management in the Netherlands, where control of the water circuit and good condition of critical infrastructure is essential for the country’s economic well-being. Problems arising from water management in remote locations opened up the topic of field services and personnel supported by mobile devices. These issues were answered by a significant number of software companies attending the event that provide mobile solutions for the construction and field service industries. Novacura has observed with interest the activities of companies in the construction industry presented during the event.

Digitization and technology for the construction industry played a significant role at the event.

Software Theater at the venue

The need for digitalization for industries involved in infrastructure development is an ongoing global trend. Companies in the field services construction industry focus on getting more remote control over their operations. A key goal for many companies is to reduce the manual work required for field personnel to complete specific tasks through mobility, improving task control and reporting. By minimizing data discrepancies through the use of mobile applications, companies are able to prepare more accurate planning and forecasting to reduce operational costs continuously.

A high number of companies providing professional industrial software with mobile solutions was noticeable at the event. These were presented in the Software Theater, a dedicated area at the fair located in the innovation section. Listening to the speakers in the Software Theater and looking closely at certain developments in the construction and water management industry, it is clear that there is a growing demand for mobile solutions in field services and construction sites.

In the Software Theater, companies were able to share software business solutions and technologies dedicated to the construction industry.

Novacura has already implemented these types of solutions in many companies around the world in the construction and field service industries. Our packages of customizable mobile applications, such as Worksite Field Reporting and Mobile Work Order, are highly recognized by companies in the US and Europe. Novacura has already proven its ability to provide solutions for business needs, as our experts understand the requirements of the construction industry and can ensure support for infrastructure development.

Visiting the customer booth

During the event, Novacura had the opportunity to visit the booth of our customer, company Damen from the Netherlands. Damen Shipyards Group is a global company with more than 50 shipyards, repair yards, and related companies around the world. Based in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, Damen has built and designed more than 5,000 ships and delivers up to 150 vessels a year.

Damen booth at the venue fair trade InfraTech 2023 in Rotterdam 

Damen presented in their booth equipment for construction machinery that operates under the water.

The company has implemented software, Novacura Flow, with mobile applications for its warehouse and distribution. As a result, it has increased operational capabilities in the supply chain and is able to deliver more quality products and services to its customers (read more about the Damen customer case in Novacura’s interview with Damen project managers Arjan van Doorn and Rick van der Landen).


The Netherlands plays an important role in the global economy as an exporter of its water management, construction, and engineering solutions. Demonstrated at Infratech 2023 model of continuous improvement of industries and innovation with the need for mobile solutions, was highly appreciated by Novacura. We are delighted to have visited this great event and look forward to the next edition.

Novacura has been providing mobile solutions to various industries for nearly 20 years. We support construction sites and field services, helping companies manage their operations more efficiently. Our software, Novacura Flow, provides mobile applications that can be modified according to individual industry requirements and that are fully integrated with ERP systems. This solution can be used in companies where IT expertise is in short supply. Contact us today and find out how you can improve your business through mobility.