Modernizing supply chain analytics data and operational processes required technology based on software solutions provided by ERP vendors. The U.S. market has always been focused on innovation. However, despite business growth in the U.S., the manufacturing and supply chain sectors have seen significant gaps in digital systems based on electronic technology. Many operational processes on the shop floor in the production and in the U.S. supply chain are still performed by highly manual and reactive tasks. It leads to considerable consequences in lowering business productivity and directly impacts operating costs.

To meet business needs in a digital environment, manufacturing companies have implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP). Although ERP systems have become much more sophisticated over the years, they remain highly misaligned to business requirements.

IFS is an ERP provider that helps various industries transform their businesses and avoid unnecessary costs and risks that can influence progress. IFS provides proven and tactical steps to transform the supply chain and all business operations successfully. IFS is committed to working closely with its partners to better deal with the challenges arose from different business requirements. To bridge the gap between ERP and business processes, IFS has established partnerships with companies such as Novacura. Novacura’s solutions provides customized business processes without modifying the IFS system. IFS and Novacura users can better define the roadmap in their businesses and respond more flexibly to economic changes.

IFS is an ERP provider that has been operating in the U.S. for many years, providing its services with partners to many business customers (photo: screen with a logo of IFS Connect).

IFS Connect North America and Novacura

In 2023, IFS held a series of conferences called IFS Connect. The main reason for this series was to enable IFS users and partners to meet annually. IFS Connect was organized in different parts of the world, from Europe to the Middle East, and brought the IFS network to life.

Novacura, as a long-time partner, has already been able to attend and visit several IFS events in 2023. From Sweden, BeNeLux, and the U.S., we had the pleasure of talking to Novacura and IFS customers about essential aspects of their industries.

As part of the latest edition of IFS Connect, held June 13-14 in North America, in Minneapolis, NA, Novacura had the chance to take on the role of gold sponsor. Our representatives, Jerry Martin, Paul Phillips, Greg Warner, and Jansen Davidson, were able to share their expertise on the best possible approaches with Novacura’s mobile solutions for IFS.

IFS Connect North America was organized at US Bank Stadium, a nationally-recognized enclosed stadium in downtown Minneapolis, that is home to the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

US Bank Stadium is waiting to welcome IFS Connect visitors.

Novacura team presents mobile solutions dedicated to improve business operations (from the right Paul Phillips, Jansen Davidson)

Novacura customer case

As a gold sponsor of the event, we had the opportunity to present Novacura Flow’s latest developments on the premises of one of our U.S. customers. Novacura invited its customer Mistrals to the presentation, where representative Jansen Davidson, Novacura North America Sales Director, and Andrew Wilhelm, Vice President at Mistras Group shared general updates about the changes that have helped them streamline daily operations.

 Jansen Davidson (left) and Andrew Wilhelm (Mistras) during presentation at IFS Connect North America.

Watch the entire Novacura customer case presentation with Mistras Group on our YouTube channel.


IFS Connect North America was a great event that proved that IFS cares about its customers in the local U.S. market. It was an excellent opportunity for business partners to exchange experience in different industries.

Novacura team during IFS Connect North America (from left Jansen Davidson, Jerry Martin, Greg Warner, and Paul Phillips).

Novacura, as a three-time winner of the IFS Channel Partner Award in 2017, 2019, and 2022, demonstrated its ability to deliver solutions to IFS users in a very challenging environment. We provide mobile business solutions to manufacturing, supply chain, mining, energy, and more industries. Contact us today to learn more about how you can streamline your operations in an IFS environment with our Evergreen ERP strategy. Contact our U.S. market representatives, Paul Phillips, or Jansen Davidson, directly and get a free consultation.