October 10-14, 2022 in Miami

Come and meet us at IFS Unleashed 2022

We are proud to say that we’re a Gold+ sponsor of the IFS Unleashed, October 10-14, 2022, in Miami. 

We look forward to meet you and talking about how we, as IFS calls it, can help unleash your organization’s full potential. You are very welcome to come and talk to us in our booth or participate in any of our presentations, where we, among other things, will talk about our low-code platform, Novacura flow, in the context of IFS Cloud. Find more information about this below.

Come and talk to us in booth #401:


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Listen to a presentation:


#1: Increase manufacturing efficiency with ready-made mobile applications for IFS

 Aksel Jarlbäck, VP Sales – Novacura

I am a manufacturing expert with practical experience in developing solutions in the automotive industry. I have a long history and experience from IFS Application in many positions as a software engineer, business analyst, solution architect and project manager. Currently working as VP Sales for Novacura.
- Aksel Jarlbäck, VP Sales at Novacura

Time and place: Tuesday 12:45 / Theatre 4 /

Novacura offers ready-made industry solutions for manufacturing companies to increase their operation efficiency. The solutions are easy to use and quick to implement and get a quick return on investment. At the same time, these solutions are fully configurable, allowing customers to keep up with ever-changing customer requirements and adopt new technology.

This is specifically important since manufacturing companies face a number of challenges:

  1. Facing a gap in need of skilled labor vs. system usability. A company needs to handle a workforce that can adapt to changing demands. This requires easy onboarding for new employees to get them into the production process. Complex ERPs make this more difficult and the easy-to-use apps from Novacura close this gap.
  2. Disrupted supply chains caused by pandemics and wars have caused problems for companies in managing their production. With Novacura Flow, customers can create a more flexible and visual planning system on top of their ERP.
  3. How to manage the development of IT in manufacturing? Ideas for improvements are often generated from operations. Instead of IT driving efficiency in IT support, you can give operations the tools to enhance their processes with the support of tools from Novacura.
  4. New technologies – a lot of companies are looking at IT, IoT, Automation and machine learning to improve their processes to be more efficient. We at Novacura give customers the tools to do this. One example is how we have incorporated new technology like Computer vision (Harrys example).
  5. Ready for change – the world is changing fast. With Novacura Flow, a customer gets the best of two worlds. 1) Easy to use and ready-made apps through a marketplace 2) Fully configurable solution by just redrawing the processes.

During this presentation you will learn more about:

  • Five manufacturing challenges we observe when we talk to our customers
  • How Novacura approaches these challenges
  • How to reduce the labor skills gap with the mobile shop floor reporting & work orders applications
  • How to achieve better supply chain visibility thanks to portal solutions
  • How to set up the “app development process in the company” to quickly react to dynamic requirements that come from “operations”
  • How to easily get access to Artificial intelligence services and utilize them in the context of manufacturing
#2: The journey to IFS Cloud – faster with next-gen low-code

Paul Phillips, Product Management – Novacura

With a foundation in Product Management, I bring my expertise in implementing low-code application development and emerging technologies to companies who are looking to realize a competitive advantage and get true value from their investment. My skill set is ideally utilized in understanding the real challenges faced by organizations working in the service and asset intensive industries.

My philosophies are: Plan strategically. Be efficient. Embrace change. Be metric-driven. Be the best. Leverage the product for growth. And innovate to stand out from the crowd.
- Paul Phillips, Product Management at Novacura

Time and place: Wednesday 12:45 / Theatre 6 / 

We’ve all heard about digital transformation. We probably have a little bit of fatigue around the term digital transformation. The term itself means so much to different people. But we define digital transformation as the journey of building new capabilities, reimagining business needs and models and creating sustained competitive advantage and experimentation for continued success.

Over the years, Novacura has worked with many organizations across the planet to transform digitally. We’ve noticed that the most successful ones are those who understand this process isn’t just one of adding technology but one of supporting people.

The greatest mistake we see repeatedly is that folks try o create new value by simply looking at technology as the answer. Generally speaking, technology plays a part in the solution, but it’s not as simple as saying that if we use more technology, we will start improving. Instead, value generation is about the union of people, technology, and processes.

During this session, you will learn more about: 

  • Digital services trends
  • Why evergreen and productively development is even more important now
  • How IFS Cloud with Novacura Flow low-code can help you achieve that
  • How to keep ERP modifications outside the IFS Cloud core, so the modifications would not block it from the real evergreen
  • How to implement innovations (AI, IoT) easily and connect them to IFS Cloud.

  • How to build your applications for IFS Cloud based on the library of apps from the Novacura Marketplace

Want to learn more about our products and services? Book a meeting with our expert during the event!

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