Euro Mining Expo in Skellefteå took place in June, a trade fair for the mining industry and its suppliers. The fair was crowded with booths from the suppliers and people from the mining industry seeking new solutions for their companies. A conference was taking place discussing future possibilities and challenges in the industry.

Novacura was naturally there as one of the suppliers of software, discussing the possibilities to support the mining industry with leaner business processes for their ERP solutions with IFS Applications and Novacura Flow for process improvements, integrations and mobile solutions, as well as discussing the same aspects with companies using other ERP solutions.
Ricard Lindgren and Calle Göras from Novacura attended the whole week and met with many people at the booth discussing the business processes and their challenges.

We met some key contacts and had inspiring discussions around mobility, integration and the solution we offer for the industry.
Ricard Lindgren
Novacura, Sr. Solution Architect

The week was soon over, and we hope that people who visited our booth enjoyed the discussions and got a deeper understanding of what Novacura can do with Novacura Flow and IFS Applications or other ERP solutions.

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