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Business Process Management on ERP

Turn your traditional, yet competent, work force into modern and mobile professionals with a clearly defined, repeatable and measurable processes. A process where people have easy access to all the tools and information they need.

The challenge

In a world with ever increasing competitiveness among companies, the work force needs to be improved at a higher pace than ever before. This is driving the need for rapid change in business processes, as many companies are currently struggling with inadequate tools and non-repeatable, non-measurable processes. In this ever-changing environment, the traditional work force seems to be out-manoeuvred by a new generation of people, introducing a new processes characterised by a high degree of innovation and automation. The people in the field have an obvious need for new tools, accurate information and a highly automated processes.

The Novacura impact

With Novacura you can unleash the full potential of your mobile sales force and let the people in the field spend their time in the optimal way. That is, increase the selling time and minimise time for travel and administration. With our solutions for field sales, you will have full control over you sales process.

By using Novacura, companies can:

  • Get an innovative and extremely easy-to-use interface with applications that support all field sales tasks. Customer information, route planning, generation of proposals, configure and submit sales orders. Every aspect of your core business is covered
  • Establish a repeatable sales process, which is highly automated and all measurable
  • Build in support for complex customer agreements, context sensitive price lists and other advanced business logic. All in the background, and executed when needed
  • Achieve a solution with close to zero need for training
  • Achieve 100% mobility – every task can be carried out in the field, from core business to support processes such as HR, time registration, travel management and issue management
  • Use built-in maps, GPS, file attachment, camera attachments and signatures
  • Get support for both online and offline modes
  • Get a platform that works on phones, PDAs and PCs – all depending on the needs of the sales force
  • Get all parts of the process tightly integrated with the backbone CRM and ERP systems

Our applications

Examples of applications that we can deliver:

  • Customer 360 information
  • Order history
  • Route/visit management
  • Create order proposal
  • Create sales order
  • Register travel costs and allowances
  • Time registration

Every application is defined by your business, is easy to use and is tightly integrated with your business systems.

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