Low Code BPM Platform

Novacura’s low code platform helps you build, execute and optimize business processes to run your business the way YOU want to. Future-proof your business and be prepared for whatever changes are around the corner.

Customers these days want everything better, faster and cheaper. But if your business is still doing things the “old way”, it can be hard to adapt to customers’ increasing demands. If you’re struggling with stagnant business processes, outdated legacy technology and strict compliance standards, you might feel like there’s no way to make your business more efficient. But with Novacura Flow, you can turn any system—and any business process—into a powerful, flexible and efficient workflow. 

Novacura Flow’s low code platform enables you to take control of your digital journey—and work the way you want to, not the way you thought you had to. 


Low Code Platfrom :

Mobile sales

Unleash the full potential of your mobile sales force and let the people in the field spend their time in the optimal way. That is, increase selling time and minimize time spent on travel and administration.


Employee on-boarding

Automate your employee on-boarding processes with custom apps, interactive checklists, guided workflows and a user-friendly interface that everyone will know how to use.


Contractor management

Create workflows to manage all aspects of working with contractors and sub-contractors including time reporting, costs and travel, photo documentation and sign-offs.



Multi-system workflows mean everyone in your business is working from real-time information. Smart order summaries make it faster and easier to put orders together and get them out to customers ASAP.



Customer service

With Flow you can create a customer self-service portal where customers can see real-time stock levels, place orders and manage their information from anywhere, at any time of day.

33% efficiency improvement within the first five months

How it works

  • Create workflows in Novacura Flow, our low code development platform
  • Connect the workflows to your business systems
  • Deploy your new apps to all your connected devices
  • Gather data, optimize your flows, and get the best results!
    Flow makes it easy to update and optimize all your processes and make your business virtually future-proof. 

“With Novacura Flow’s offline solution, we can sync local data with the central server securely during the brief periods of good internet access (….) Our employees working at our project sites are extremely satisfied with the way the solution works.”

– Serimax



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