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Anticimex strengthens its organization with Novacura

Novacura has long been providing support for Anticimex’s existing business system solutions and consultants for many of the company’s important projects. The ongoing upgrade of IFS Applications has seen further intensification of this collaboration.

Novacura supports the Anticimex project organization in various roles within technology, integrations and project management.

“Novacura has been boosting our operations for many years with support within areas where we ourselves lack certain expertise or resources. Novacura has sound knowledge of IFS and can provide reinforcement on the customer side. They supply us with both tools and consultants, enabling us to benefit even more from IFS Applications,” says Eva Söderlund, Business Solutions Manager at Anticimex.

Eva Söderlund
Eva SöderlundBusiness Solutions Manager, Anticimex
“Novacura has been boosting our operations for many years with support within areas where we ourselves lack certain expertise or resources.”

Anticimex and Novacura are currently working on upgrading IFS Applications to version 9, and Anticimex has received assistance with certain sub-projects, including Technology, Field service and Resource planning. A successful collaboration, with Novacura’s products, consultants and solution expertise within IFS Applications augmenting the new upgraded solution. Novacura’s knowledge of IFS system solutions has been crucial in the upgrade of IFS Applications for the final design of the new solution.

“It provides great assurance. For us, it is essential to work with a partner who is highly familiar with the application and the business’ processes and is used to collaborating on large projects. Our own staff who are involved in the project and who have come into contact with Novacura, find the consultants to be highly proficient and knowledgeable. This gives us a feeling of great confidence.”

Anticimex is also implementing Novacura’s Flow process platform to improve and simplify critical integrations.
“We currently have a totally different technical solution based on BizTalk, which is both relatively expensive and complex. And we can see the potential in using Novacura Flow instead.”

Flow is a simpler tool that facilitates management of integrations by Anticimex and provides scope to develop advanced integrations more cost-effectively.
“It’s great to know that Novacura is an important partner when it comes to advanced solution expertise within several areas. It is one of the reasons why with Flow we can now create a platform via a tool that we build up knowledge of ourselves and can then easily make improvements to.”

Östen Westman at Novacura has been with the project right through from definition of solution to introduction of the configured solution.
“The entire project aims to build value for Anticimex in the long term, with IFS Applications representing an important cornerstone and Novacura actively contributing to this work.”

In brief

About Anticimex

Anticimex is the modern pest control company. Through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions, they meet the new demands for healthy environments, for both individuals and companies worldwide.


Asset Service Industry

The challenge

Boost solution, processes and organisation to a new higher level to continue to be the leading player within their own sector.

The result

The project will modernise Anticimex’s most business-critical systems, elevate internal expertise and create a basis for efficient processes, making it possible to achieve Anticimex’s overall objective – “World-class service”.

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