The Movex/M3 User Association has about 500 member companies that are aligned in Sweden to carry out the development of the member companies use of M3 (Movex). The association has existed for more than 20 years and has for many years organized meetings between internal customers to create business benefits for the community of users of the product M3 (Infor M3). The business meeting attracts the attention of many companies in the Nordic countries that can offer additional and extended services to M3 users. One such company is Novacura, which, together with the members of the Movex/M3 User Association, is currently engaged in economic development to help M3 users increase the interoperability and performance of their business operations.

On 25-26 April 2023, Novacura attended the Working Together 2023 conference in Malmö, Sweden, which was the next edition of the meeting organized by the Movex/M3 User Association. The conference was organized at Clarion Hotel® Malmö Live and attracted many companies interested in supporting their business with their technology, experience, and knowledge. The Novacura as a Gold exhibitor at the WTC 2023 (Working Together Conference), was delighted to participate in this important event. The representatives of Novacura, Aksel Jarlbäck, Lars Steen, and Adam Wojtyniak (Infor expert), has shared important updates on future business challenges and technological solutions in the field of mobility. It was a pleasure for our representatives to answer all questions related to business needs in today’s market for M3 users.

Aksel Jarlbäck sharing the knowledge with visitors in the Novacura booth during WTC 2023.

Presentations and knowledge sharing

During the event, there were many company presentations where they could share their recent developments in the industry. One of the companies that presented their solutions was Benders Sverige AB. This company is currently one of the leading suppliers of natural stone, concrete, and clay tile products in the Nordic region. Among their products, they have a wide range of elements that play an important role in the construction of areas such as roofs, ground, natural stone, infrastructure, foundations, masonry blocks, water and sewage systems, and building components.

During the presentations, Benders Sverige AB was able to present a brief overview of the solutions and share interesting developments in the digital management of their business with Novacura Flow Portal and Novacura Flow Client Mobile software products. These are part of the Novacura software solution designed to support daily operations with mobile and desktop apps.

Overview of the Novacura solutions (Lösningsöversikt) implemented in Benders Sverige AB, presented during the WTC 2023.

Aksel Jarlbäck taking part of Benders Sverige AB live presentation during the WTC 2023.


We at Novacura strive to give our customers the greatest possible attention better to understand their business needs and future development plans. We are happy to be part of one of the editions of the Working Together 2023 conference in Malmö, and we look forward to the next invitation to this great event.

Aksel Jarlbäck and Lars Steen at the WTC 2023 venue in Novacura booth. 

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