The Novacura Flow User Conference 2023, held on 6-7 September at Jacy’s Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, was a remarkable event that brought together experts and enthusiasts in the field of business process optimisation. Organised conference was a platform to share insights on Novacura Flow and future developments. With a variety of presentations, the event was to demonstrate the power of Novacura Flow in transforming business processes and bringing businesses together with cutting-edge technology.

We had the amazing opportunity to meet experts from various industries who are already Novacura Flow users and hear from them about their experiences working in the Flow environment.

Presentations that made an impression

Novacura Flow Connect - New product announcement

Novacura Flow Connect: Current State Live Demo – Paul Phillips, VP Product & Marketplace, Novacura, provided a live demonstration of the current state of Novacura Flow Connect, offering attendees a hands-on experience of the product’s capabilities.

How Novacura Flow helps optimize business processes

Novacura Flow in Action: Optimizing Business Processes – Łukasz Majer, Marketing Director and Process Optimization Expert at Novacura, showcased real-world examples of how Novacura Flow optimizes business processes, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability.

The Introduction to Novacura Integration Engine

Integration Engine Demo – Andreas Crona, Product Owner and Integration Engine Expert at Novacura, introduced visitors has presented a demo of the new integration engine, highlighting its enhanced capabilities.

Integration Use Cases with Novacura Flow

Integration Use Cases  – Andreas Crona, Product Owner and Integration Engine Expert at Novacura, introduced attendees to integration uses cases telling more about unexceptional capabilities.

Novacura Flow Portal 2 - What is new in v2023.3

Flow Portal 2: What’s New and Tips & Tricks – Ola Carlander, Customer Success Specialist, and Malin Johansson, Product Owner at Novacura, provided insights into the latest updates in Flow Portal 2 and shared valuable tips and tricks for users.

Novacura Flow & Industry 4.0: how to connect ERP to machines

Novacura Flow and Integration with Machines – Petter Larsson, VP Business Development at Novacura, explored the integration of business systems with manufacturing machinery and external devices, emphasizing the importance of data retrieval and storage in ERP systems.

Novacura Flow Studio - What is new in v6.15, Tips & Tricks

Flow Studio Tips & Tricks / Administration and More – Malin Johansson and Andreas Berggren, Product Owners at Novacura, offered valuable insights and tips for making the most of Flow Studio, including administration and advanced features.

IFS Cloud Integration with OData API

IFS Cloud Integration with OData API – Irshad Hassan, R&D Software Engineer, and Albin Lundberg, Manager, Flow Solutions at Novacura, discussed the nuances of integrating with IFS Cloud using OData API, highlighting key differences and barriers to address.

IFS Cloud Upgrade - now or later?

IFS Cloud Upgrade: Now or Later? – Lars Steen, VP Services at Novacura, provided insights into IFS Cloud upgrades and how Novacura supports both immediate and long-term upgrade needs with their complete set of services.

How Novacura Flow supports Infor M3 with dedicated marketplace apps

Novacura Flow on Infor M3: Marketplace Applications – Adam Wojtyniak, Product Manager at Novacura, discussed how Novacura Flow can expand Infor M3 with ready-made marketplace applications, offering a seamless integration solution.

Novacura Flow Connect - A closer look at the new product

A Closer Look at Novacura Flow Connect – Andreas Berggren, Product Owner at Novacura, conducted a live session to highlight the differences between Flow Connect and the existing Flow 6.X product line.

The future of Novacura Flow

The Future of Flow: Strategy, IT Directors Challenges, Roadmap – Paul Phillips, VP Product & Marketplace at Novacura, wrapped up the conference by presenting the future strategy of Novacura Flow, its alignment with AI, and the challenges IT directors may face.

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The Novacura Flow User Conference 2023 was a tremendous success thanks to the engagement of both participants and presenters. It provided a unique opportunity to further explore the capabilities of Novacura Flow and its potential to reshape business processes across industries.

As Novacura continuously innovates and adapts to changing business needs, the future of Flow looks promising and companies can look forward to greater efficiency and optimisation of their operations.

To keep an eye on the needs of Novacura Flow users, we have implemented an Ideas Forum from which all users can share their ideas to make their working environment even more seamless. See more by clicking here.

Taking care of our customers, we keep part of our conference confidential, not sharing all the details and presentations. If you are considering working with us further and want to be one of the early adopter of Novacura Flow Connect, do not hesitate contact us.

We would like to thank all the visitors and presenters for their outstanding contributions to the event, making it a memorable and insightful experience for all.